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Tanya Bonilla 371886 42 Profile
Breanna Carmany 1710569   Profile
Myriam Chiriboga 2050053   Profile
Matt Cramer 317185 58 Profile
Sherry Czwakiel 371841 2 Profile
Roger Dixon 1544808 5 Profile
Roger Dixon Jr. 1544808 46 Profile
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Scott Kennedy 906148 100 Profile
Jon Miller 1438943 16 Profile
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Poor Quality and Communication by
Reviewed December 29, 2021 | Rating:
Throughout the process details and explanations were very unclear. More specifically, I was initially denied, found a new lender only to find that PSH could process my loan. Original disclosure was incorrect, only to be told it would be fixed on the final papers. The final closing was very rushed, the sale price was wrong the day before closing, I was asked to move closing from noon to 4 so the paperwork could be completed, I was also asked to just wire a few thousand more to make sure I was covered even though the sale price was being corrected down $17k. The paperwork came over around 4:40 and there were items on there that was never on prior disclosures, the admin reached out to a few folks only for me to be reassured that it was the CDD and it is correct. After further questioning the adjustments, I still do not have specific details on what was added. I specifically asked for my property tax and CDD and I still have not gotten this answer, I was overcharged on my closing. The response that I did receive is they used the wrong tax year and the adjustment was wrong but I don't know the specific $ even after several requests. I was told they are really busy trying to close several homes prior to shutdown and they would likely resolve this sometime in January. This is very unprofessional and I would like to have a detailed review immediately with someone who can give me an honest objective answer. I answered below that I am not sure if I have the best rate, this answer is based on the integrity and attention to detail that I witnessed throughout my process.
My new home by
Reviewed December 15, 2021 | Rating:
As much of a pain gathering all info needed,everyone from Roger Dixon,Kelley Ruiz and Alok Sharma made life pleasant. My home is beautiful
Excellent and Professional Loan Originator by
Reviewed December 02, 2021 | Rating:
You can never fully know how wonderful it was to have such a kind, warm, efficient team to help  my wife and I through the process. Thank you for helping us secure a loan for our dream home. We are so glad you were able to lock in a good rate for us. Roger, with attention to detail, persistence, and dedication. You made the mortgage process so easy for us! We appreciate you.
Jon is the BEST by
Reviewed November 30, 2021 | Rating:
I started the process of purchasing my first home back in January 2021. It was a very long process with all the delays due to Covid but Jon took the anxiety away from the process. He communicated every step of the way, took charge of issues that arose and made the purchase of my first new home an amazing experience! I would use Jon again for my next home and recommend him to any potential buyer! If you want a streamlined process with little to no stress, go see Jon!
Great and smooth experience by
Reviewed November 18, 2021 | Rating:
The only times I needed to reach out were with general questions throughout my buying process. Everything was smooth and clear to an extend that left me without reason to reach out. Would recommend for future buyers.
Roger Is Awesome by
Reviewed October 30, 2021 | Rating:
Working with Roger was an absolute pleasure. Buying a home (especially being a first time home buyer) can be a very stressful experience, but Roger makes it a breeze. He thoroughly explains processes, is very communicative, and is just a down to earth guy.
PSH customer feedback Jose Ayala by
Reviewed October 20, 2021 | Rating:
Customer service provided was outstanding, they have excellent communication with the client making it very easy to identify possible showstoppers with plenty of time to resolve them.
Awesome work by
Reviewed October 20, 2021 | Rating:
Jon did an amazing job. I was able to close in under a month, my neighbor is still waiting on uw with a different company
Terrible by
Reviewed October 19, 2021 | Rating:
Please reread all documents you sign carefully because clearly there is no chain of command at this place. They made mistakes continuously throughout the entire process. It was a complete nightmare. We resent documents multiple times and they still just couldn’t get it right. Dropped the ball too many times. Do not recommend.
Celia Zagula by
Reviewed October 10, 2021 | Rating:
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