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Park Square Home Mortgage, LLC

Orange County |  Orlando |  Florida

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Tanya Bonilla 371886 41 Profile
Breanna Carmany 1710569   Profile
Myriam Chiriboga 2050053   Profile
Matt Cramer 317185 58 Profile
Sherry Czwakiel 371841 2 Profile
Roger Dixon 1544808 3 Profile
Roger Dixon Jr. 1544808 43 Profile
Romelia Gonzalez 1871203   Profile
Jon Miller 1438943 13 Profile
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Celia Zagula by
Reviewed October 10, 2021 | Rating:
MiraBay Shell Cove
PSH by
Reviewed October 06, 2021 | Rating:
The personal involved in my loan process was so professional, knowledge and made sure that everything was going very easy and smooth for me and my wife. I proudly recommend PSH to all my friends. Thank you guys.
Best Loan Officer EVER by
Reviewed September 22, 2021 | Rating:
Tanya, Romelia and Katherine were responsive and answer all my questions. They had a very enthusiastic and positive attitude. I loved working with them.
Financing with Part Square Mortgage by
Reviewed September 03, 2021 | Rating:
Overall, the process with PS Mortgage is just okay. The interest rate wasn’t the lowest compared to other companies fir VA loan but I did receive some builder credit. I’m happy with the end result of getting the mortgage approved and into my home.
Excellent by
Reviewed September 01, 2021 | Rating:
Easy, fast, smooth and no stress.
Buyer by
Reviewed August 25, 2021 | Rating:
Company is great to work with!
Just what was expected by
Reviewed August 15, 2021 | Rating:
Everything was just what you would typically expect. I cant say I was impressed or felt like service went above & beyond but the job did get done so I guess thats the main goal. I felt like our loan officer tended to call Friday afternoons very last minute wanting information & decisions from us right away. Communication was sparse all the way through morning of closing. We tended to get more "out of office" email responses more than anything & there was hardly a definitive answer to any question I asked. Like I said, the job got done. We figured it out even with more effort from our side than it should really require but there is room for some improvement.
5 stars by
Reviewed July 04, 2021 | Rating:
5 stars
Seamless Experience by
Reviewed July 03, 2021 | Rating:
I would like to say Roger Dixon was great, answered all questions we had regarding the process and went into depth on things we need more clarification on. If you have the please of working with aroger, just know you are in great hands.
Rating my Lender by
Reviewed July 02, 2021 | Rating:
Overall it was an easy process once you have all of the needed documents on hand. Roger and team were very proactive in this process and made it a very smooth transition.
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Orlando, FL
5200 Vineland Road Suite 250
Orlando, Florida 32811
126 Reviews
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