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Premium Services by
Reviewed January 17, 2024 | Rating:
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How I Got My Home by
Reviewed December 15, 2023 | Rating:
I lost my home due to a large amount of debt I couldn’t pay. I am currently staying with some family friends in West Virginia which I am not really comfortable with because I love privacy in a large space. I tried applying for a loan in October so I could get a bigger apartment for myself. All along, I thought I had a clean record only to find out that I had an initial eviction and some other negatives with a very low score of 495 which prevented me from getting the loan I seek. I found XAPCREDITSOLUTION AT GMAIL online. I really appreciate contacting XAP. He helped me increase my score to a high 789 and all the negative items on my report were removed. I got every thing I required and even more. As I speak, I now qualify for almost anything. I'm now living in my dream home. I want to fulfill my promise to him for such a discreet delivery in a relatively short time and at an affordable price. So here I am recommending XAP Credit Solution. For a similar result on your credit, I think its best you mail the team and be ever grateful you did.
Highly Recommended by
Reviewed November 16, 2023 | Rating:
When I and my wife started the process of purchasing our new home for us and our kids, we never expected to run into any problems with our credit report. We felt we were diligent in keeping up with our scores and what was reported without noticing any errors. We got faced with a significant credit reporting error that was going to make buying our home impossible. We were completely discouraged, and we felt helpless. From the moment we contacted 760Plus Credit Score, they were responsive, knowledgeable, and helped to set aside our fears. It was done in a way that also gave us realistic expectations, which we needed. We thank you immensely for helping us realize our long-term dream of becoming home owners. I’m recommending your services, as promised. Reach out to them via email: 760PLUSCREDITSCORE at GMAIL dot COM or text 8 1 5 5 2 4 8 1 1 6. Thank me later.
Escrow has been calculated incorrectly for 5 months and counting; currently paying double what I should be paying! by
Reviewed June 30, 2020 | Rating:
First Choice first calculated my escrow incorrectly (over collecting due to reassessments that came in around the time of the refinance closing). I was told I could fix it after close easily. This was absolutely not true; it took nearly 6 months to do so. Then, when I was able to get the reassessment rolled back, First Choice did not recalculate my loan right now even though I provided them with a new property tax bill when the customer service rep asked me to do so. When I called back, they said that their policy did not allow within the time period I asked for the recalculation. I was told it was self-correct during the escrow analysis regular process in May. It was indeed recalculated. AT DOUBLE THE RATE when someone keyed in my property tax bill at the double the amount it should be. Now my bill is higher than when it was just wrong at the start of the year, and it is still wrong despite multiple calls to customer service. This is terrible lender, by the sheer neglect and gross incompetence of the escrow department alone.
New House by
Reviewed June 02, 2020 | Rating:
Everyone was very helpful, explained everything
Mortgage loan orginator by
Reviewed September 06, 2019 | Rating:
Very pleased with the service. Very helpful from beginning to end. No hassle at all.
Reviewed August 26, 2019 | Rating:
I met sir Allan during an open house in American Canyon, CA. My sister was looking for a house that time. To cut the story short, my sister got a new house through the help of sir Allan. After they closed, my husband and I asked for his assistance regarding Home refinance. He checked it ASAP and told us that in our situation now (our home $$$ went up) it is the right time to refinance. From the time we inquire until we closed, sir Allan never leave us, he guided us throughout the process. He is very professional, reliable and knowledgeable. He answer all our questions (simple or complicated) confidently. He is an expert in this industry. Whenever we request for something, he adjust it for us. Whenever we have unreasonable situation, he find solution for it. Whenever we are in doubt and we worry, he try to keep our mind doubt and worry free. Whenever we have questions, he always answers day and night. He explain all details. He will do his VERY BEST to help his client! (in any cases/situation). All our wishes that can help me and my husband are granted! Gratefully, we closed the refinance. :) Thank you very Sir Allan of First Choice for dealing with us. We really appreciate all your help and effort! You exceeded our expectations! We know that you will help more families out there! Keep up the good job! If you need help, look for him guys! MORE POWER! GOD BLESS! Michael and Aubrey of Vallejo, CA
Best company! by
Reviewed March 03, 2017 | Rating:
We worked with Michael Miley! I can't thank him enough for all he did for us! Him and his team were amazing! He was professional, available whenever we needed him. He guided us until the very end!!!! I will highly recommend him to anyone who looking to buy a house!!!! Thank you so much again! First Choice Loan is by far the best out there!!!!
Was I really approved? by
Reviewed November 26, 2014 | Rating:
It started back in August or the beginning of September, when I started looking a home loan. I was given a loan offers name (T.S.), he contacted me constantly - I kept telling him that I wasn't ready because I want my credit score to go up a little higher so I can get a better rate. After almost a month and a half I finally gave in and let him run my credit (I also let Supreme Lending run my credit) the same day. Both of them said I was approved for $120K (not much, but that was fine with me). I decided to go with First Choice instead of Supreme Lending (BIG MISTAKE). As always in the beginning T.S. was very helpful, answered my telephone calls and/or emails, but never really wanted to send a preapproval letter or a good faith estimate, even after I found properties. My realtor would call and email T.S. but he never responded. I ended up finding a home that I wanted to put an offer on but T.S. took so long that it was gone, that happen with 1 or 2 other properties. Not even 2 months had gone pass and T.S. said he had to check my credit again to see if anything had change - this caused a drop in my credit score, so even if I wanted to go anywhere else to get a loan I would have been denied. Here I am 3 weeks away from getting kicked out of my apartment and I do not have a place to call home. Not once did T.S. say he was sorry or try to suggest other alternatives. Only thing he could tell me is my loan amount had gone down to under $90,000 so I will not be able to purchase even a townhome. This was very unprofessional and a complete was of my time. I spent nearly 3 months with this idiot and all the while he knew he was not going to approve me for a loan. I hate to blame the entire company for one numskull’s actions, but I will not do business with First Choice ever again. I should have run Supreme Lending's way but I thought this man was very serious about helping me, since he called and/or emailed me weekly. Not a fan or happy customer of F.C.L.S.
An extreamly happy customer. by
Reviewed December 05, 2013 | Rating:
Joe Shamie was able to get a mortgage for me in a very short period of time. He also made the process very easy for me. I thank him very much.
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