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Tom Goulet

NMLS# 185374  

Average Rating: 4  [15 Review(s)]
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Current Employer:  Loan Officer RMC Home Mortgage, LLC [Orange Longwood Florida]

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Accuracy by
Reviewed March 01, 2024 | Rating:
Communication was impeccable Quality services Timely delivery Overall great satisfaction
Wonderful Experience - Top Notch Service by
Reviewed February 28, 2024 | Rating:
It was wonderful working with Tom G and the team at RMC! They were professional, kind, and understanding of my unique needs. They guided me through the process effortlessly and made the home buying process that much more memorable. Thank you to all that helped in making a dream come true!
RMC does it again! by
Reviewed February 23, 2024 | Rating:
RMC will do what it takes to get you in a brand new home. Thank you!
Thanks by
Reviewed February 01, 2024 | Rating:
Thanks Tom for your help and advice throughout this whole process. Looking forward to working with you again in the future, hopefully when it's time to refinance!
Lending Experience with RMC by
Reviewed January 31, 2024 | Rating:
I'll keep this short, find another lender. It took RMC 8 months to their job. A task that any other bank or lender could have done in 2 weeks. 1 week before closing, they inform me they need additional documentation etc. I never could get ahold of the lender. I had to contact 3 people before the actual person I needed to talk with would get back with me. Skip the hassle and go with another lender.
Excellence! by
Reviewed January 19, 2024 | Rating:
Amazingly helpful, kind service! Highly recommended!
Very Good by
Reviewed December 13, 2023 | Rating:
Loan process by
Reviewed December 01, 2023 | Rating:
The loan process is tedious. Tom did a great job making it easy for us. He was available, friendly, and he knows his stuff. Highly recommend
My Loan officer by
Reviewed November 28, 2023 | Rating:
I would’ve like to have another Loan Officer. At first everything was okay and he was fine. But after we sign with him, he became unpolite. I had many questions like everyone and he started to become irritated and answered like my questions were dump or like that was not his job. He was always on “surgery”, thing that I would understand but he did not gave me at least another coworker or assistant number to reach out to when he could not. He took a lot of time to reply back, last message was “I am on surgery, IF I fell better by saturday I will call you”. Never happened. He needs to understand that If he cannot do the job he should not do it, any question that were dump for him were a lot to me. He never said things that I needed to know. First thing he told me was to check with him every day to see how the rates were, when I asked because I was worried that the interest was too high he started to blame me and say “be clear with me” i was just ASKING because is MY house not his. Very unprofessional
Loan by
Reviewed August 05, 2023 | Rating:
Great loan company. Tom very helpful and easy to contact
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