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Tom Goulet

NMLS# 185374  

Average Rating: 4  [21 Review(s)]
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Current Employer:  Loan Officer RMC Home Mortgage, LLC [Orange Longwood Florida]

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Reviewed June 10, 2024 | Rating:
I did not feel comfortable with this lander
How is he still employed by
Reviewed April 29, 2024 | Rating:
Purchasing a new home is already stressful. Tom has made this process even more difficult. His communication skills are very subpar. He takes days if not not weeks to respond back to you. He is very hard to get a hold of. He does not answer questions asked and he when he does answer, its usually answered with a question. He becomes increasingly agitated when asked questions, he even yelled at me dispite having a hoarsed voice. He just isn't helpful at all. I sent Tom an email explaining how his poor communication is affecting me and he took weeks to even acknowledge it. He gives misleading information and information that is not factual. He gives false Information that can be detrimental to your home buying process. I really hope he is relieved of his position soon because he has no business in this profession if he doesn't know how to conduct himself or have any interest in meeting the needs of potential buyers.
Awesome by
Reviewed March 31, 2024 | Rating:
Great service by
Reviewed March 06, 2024 | Rating:
Tom was great to work with from start to finish. He even made some recommendations based on his knowledge and experience in the industry.
Owner by
Reviewed March 02, 2024 | Rating:
Accuracy by
Reviewed March 01, 2024 | Rating:
Communication was impeccable Quality services Timely delivery Overall great satisfaction
Cannot reccomend by
Reviewed February 29, 2024 | Rating:
Rate transparency was woefully lacking. Lender was not helpful, refused to let me talk to their manager, never answered questions clearly or concisely. Did a lot of repeating and beating around the bush. Loan was almost 8% while pre approvals from others was 6.6-6.75%.
Wonderful Experience - Top Notch Service by
Reviewed February 28, 2024 | Rating:
It was wonderful working with Tom G and the team at RMC! They were professional, kind, and understanding of my unique needs. They guided me through the process effortlessly and made the home buying process that much more memorable. Thank you to all that helped in making a dream come true!
RMC does it again! by
Reviewed February 23, 2024 | Rating:
RMC will do what it takes to get you in a brand new home. Thank you!
Thanks by
Reviewed February 01, 2024 | Rating:
Thanks Tom for your help and advice throughout this whole process. Looking forward to working with you again in the future, hopefully when it's time to refinance!
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