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Default of Tax Payment by Mortgage Company by
Reviewed December 28, 2016 | Rating:
We received a letter on Dec 12th from our township stating that our taxes were never paid. We immediately called Sun Trust mortgage company and we were transferred to the tax department. There, they could not figure out why it was not paid and it would be "researched" and someone would get back to us, and we were assured our bill would be paid. On Dec 21st, I called the township who still never received payment. On Dec 22, I spoke to a very nice woman named Cynthia in the tax department who spoke to me for about an hour who was able to find out a check was mailed sept 10, but it appeared that it was never cashed. She escalated my call and I was told a check would be sent out immediately. On Dec 27th we called the township, still no payment. On December 28 we called the township again...... still NO payment. My husband called SunTrust in the 28th and all they could tell him was that a check was mailed but they couldn't tell him if it was sent via US mail, fed ex, ups, wire transferred... nothing. The issue is, we are going into default with the Township because the bill is not paid as of tomorrow, so we have to take the money out of our pocket (which we already paid to suntrust who was suppose to pay this) and drive 2.5 hours to pay the township so it does not go in our credit report. I called very angrily this evening and I was able to find out that it was sent via fed ex on Dec 22 but they did not have a tracking number. Problem is, nothing will happen to SunTrust, my husband and I suffered, we lost sleep. We have never once been late on a payment to SunTrust, however, if this was us who did not pay s bill from September, we would accrue interest and late charges and it would show on our credit report, but for this negligent company, the only thing that will happen is my complaint here, there is nothing I can do for the stress that they have caused us. Our loan was sold to suntrust, so we did not pick them. We are unfortunately stuck with them. I hope someone reads this when they are choosing mortgage companies and does not pick them. We are very happy with the other mortgage companies we have used (valley national bank, cenplar, credit union). If it wasn't for the price if closing cost I would refi and leave suntrust. I currently am awaiting calls back from the supervisor in the tax department and her boss Carrie McKewon regarding my issue.
Loan Officer was great. SunTrust not so much. by
Reviewed July 29, 2013 | Rating:
We worked with SunTrust for 2 months and they kept asking us for more and more documentation. I got tired of it all and went to another lender. Two days later, we had a loan commitment. I had planned to complete the process with SunTrust to see who would have the better rate, but a week after we got our loan commitment from the other lender, they came back and asked for 6 more pieces of documentation. No thanks!
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