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Ronald Garnell Powell

NMLS# 455375  

Average Rating: 5  [50 Review(s)]
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Current Employer:  Loan Officer Trailblazer Mortgage L.L.C. [Orange Orlando Florida]

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FBC Mortgage, LLC OrangeOrlandoFlorida 13633 Lender Profile
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Excellent Service by
Reviewed February 23, 2023 | Rating:
This review is to recognize the exceptional customer service I received from Ron Powell. His willingness and patience to help me become a home owner is truly appreciated. Kudos, to you Ron for going above and beyond for me... THANK YOU!!!
Great experience by
Reviewed January 22, 2023 | Rating:
Mr. Powell was kind, efficient, and informative. Great sense of humor which I needed during this process. Thanks Mr. Powell.
God sent... by
Reviewed December 30, 2022 | Rating:
I believe in the power and authority of God. I believe He align people in your life to cross your path for a reason. My husband I have prayed for a while to be able to purchase a home. Our past experiences weren't good. As we started to work with Ron and gotten to know him in those numerous texts, emails and phone calls, I knew he was a "God Sent". I knew that everything we had prayed for was about to align up, although it still feels so surreal. Ron made me feel comfortable, he would answer my questions, I could just feel the patience he had with me, because I worked night shift and would never answer back right away. I'm so glad that my first-time buyer experience was with him, although the process was beyond hectic, he was absolutely patient and understanding with me. I would recommend him to anyone that asks for a lender to help them thru this process. I pray prayers of overflowing blessings to him.
Seamless by
Reviewed November 02, 2022 | Rating:
Ronald G. Powell was phenomenal and did an excellent job throughout the loan process and upto the day of closing. He is professional and courteous and timely in handling all matters. He made me feel he is on my side throughout the process, which is critically important to my family and I. It's been a blessing and pleasure working with Mr. Powell and the trailblazer mortgage team. Vickie Thomas did good and expeditious work as well. Thank you from my family and I.
Mr Zaleski by
Reviewed September 30, 2022 | Rating:
Loved every minute of working with the Trailblazer team
High rates and fees by
Reviewed June 01, 2022 | Rating:
Unpleasant, stressful experience
Best Experience by
Reviewed May 31, 2022 | Rating:
Thank You so much. I really appreciate Trail Blazer Mortgage for helping me and making the process so smooth. You hear horror stories about purchasing a home and mortgage lenders. I am thankful and happy to say my journey was not a horror story. It was very smooth and peaceful process.
Very detailed and made sure everything worked by
Reviewed May 26, 2022 | Rating:
I will say this, Trailblazer Mortgage works hard for the customers. I have had mortgages several properties in my lifetime and Trailblazer is a hardworking and very professional team. As with any mortgage application process there are times when it seems that it’s just one more piece of paper but everyone is unique and that’s what people need to take into consideration. mr Ron Powell and his team were wonderful and I appreciate them making sure that everything was set up and processed in time for closing
Good experience by
Reviewed April 29, 2022 | Rating:
The process was pleasant. My loan agent was responsive for the most part and he was able to match my rate from a competitor
Definitely could have been better. by
Reviewed March 01, 2022 | Rating:
We barely dealt with Ron, we were shunted over to some lady in Florida who was bad at communicating. If it wasn’t for the lender credit we were getting as the neighborhoods preferred lender, we would have switched lenders mid-process. Will not choose in the future.
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