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The process of getting a home loan in Costa Mesa doesn't have to be scary. At Prime Mortgage, we have a history of providing trusted, friendly mortgage broker services throughout every aspect of the lending process. Whether you're buying your first home, want to refinance your existing property, or are looking to get a new home loan in Costa Mesa for a residential or rental property, Prime Mortgage has an affordable home mortgage rate for you. Owned and operated by Costa Mesa mortgage broker Frank Menjivar, Prime Mortgage has years of experience working directly with first time and repeat home buyers in order to find them the perfect mortgage at the best possible rate. Call today for a free, personalized mortgage quote.

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Excellent loan experience by
Reviewed November 04, 2021 | Rating:
After having experienced many previous loans, this is the best loan experience that I have ever had. In fact, the seller/broker told me they accepted my offer over a full cash offer because of the fantastic communication that prime mortgage had with the sellers. I give my highest recommendation of Prime Mortgage for anyone looking for a home loan or a refinance loan.
Good Lender by
Reviewed April 28, 2021 | Rating:
Took home loand, Frank was really helpfull
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