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Frank Menjivar

NMLS# 242944  

Average Rating: 5  [2 Review(s)]
State(s) Served: CA
Current Employer:  Loan Officer Prime Mortgage [Orange County Costa Mesa California]
Customers love to work with Frank Menjivar because he makes them a priority. He is extremely responsive and answers all customer questions professionally. No matter how small the question, he will patiently answer is to ensure the client is satisfied with the information shared. He provides clients with great rates and values good customer service. Frank Menjivar and his team have gained a reputation for being an extremely professional and highly-experienced finance team in California. They are fast and efficient and are known to close most loans within 30 days or even less. In addition, they work with the client to understand their current financial situation, get to know the clients’ needs, and offer financing options based on this information. Frank Menjivar and his team work with utmost transparency and help clients understand their different options, thereby making their home buying journey much smoother. Frank Menjivar has gained many credentials over the years and has grown to be a reputed mortgage advisor. He will do everything possible to make the home buying experience a positive one for all his clients. If you are looking at buying a home and need financing help and advice, don’t think anymore. Instead, contact Frank Menjivar and let him guide you through your home buying journey.

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Excellent loan experience by
Reviewed November 04, 2021 | Rating:
After having experienced many previous loans, this is the best loan experience that I have ever had. In fact, the seller/broker told me they accepted my offer over a full cash offer because of the fantastic communication that prime mortgage had with the sellers. I give my highest recommendation of Prime Mortgage for anyone looking for a home loan or a refinance loan.
Good Lender by
Reviewed April 28, 2021 | Rating:
Took home loand, Frank was really helpfull