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Pamela Crowley

NMLS# 455526  

Average Rating: 5  [27 Review(s)]
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Current Employer:  Loan Officer Jet HomeLoans, LLC [Duval Jacksonville Florida]

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FBC Mortgage, LLC OrangeOrlandoFlorida 13494 Lender Profile
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Pam and Taylor by
Reviewed October 27, 2022 | Rating:
Dear Pam and Taylor, I can’t thank you enough for going above and beyond in helping me secure my home loan. It brought about challenges at times that you worked very hard to solve for me. I feel that you are a great team and advocates for me. Wishing you continued success in helping others to achieve their goals.
Jet Loans by
Reviewed September 24, 2022 | Rating:
Yeah great loan process working with Pam Crowley.
Everlake home by
Reviewed August 04, 2022 | Rating:
Pamela Crowley and her team were extremely helpful throughout the loan process. Anytime I had questions they were there to answer them. Pamela even made a special trip to come by on my closing date and gave me a very nice Yeti cup with the Jet Homeloans logo. I appreciate all there efforts in getting me to closing and would highly recommend them! Thanks again!
Great service by
Reviewed July 30, 2022 | Rating:
absolutely top notch. Very responsive to my needs and changing external influences. Great communications. Took care of my needs
Amazing Attention to Detail by
Reviewed May 20, 2022 | Rating:
We signed a contract to build a house in April, 2021 and it took 13 months to complete thanks to this crazy world we live in today. During that entire time, JHL stayed on top of my file and made sure we were ready to move. When the builder started moving quickly to finish the home JHL was on point making sure every detail of my file was correct and intact and that we were able to close at the time that we were supposed to, which we did!!!!
Excellent Customer Service by
Reviewed September 29, 2021 | Rating:
Pam was wonderful. She walked my husband and I through the home buying process step by step. She educated us on the types of loans available to us and helped us find one that fit our financial needs. She was available any time we had questions and was genuinely happy when we closed on our home. She made the home buying process less stressful. Thank you!
Good Review by
Reviewed May 23, 2021 | Rating:
Pamela Crowley at FBC Mortgage, LLC was AMAZING! by
Reviewed February 16, 2021 | Rating:
As a first time buyer, Pamela Crowley made the entire process a richly satisfying experience. Her expertise in handling my loan from start to finish was wonderful. And I greatly appreciated her warm and friendly attitude. I will highly recommend Pamela to all of my family and friends who may be in the market for a professional, outstanding Loan Officer. Thank you!
Totally OUTSTANDING Loan Officer by
Reviewed January 27, 2021 | Rating:
Pamala Crowley has been our Home Loan Officer for many years. She has processed several homes for us in the past. She has keep us in the know of the process and has been extremely professional and has continued to keep our interest as a priority. FBC needs to know that I received an outstanding review from the title company concerning how easy of a closing this was for a VA loan. I owe all this to Pam’s Team and her willing to make sure this went as flawless as possible. I give Pam an 11 out of 10 for over an above performance. My husband and I are truly grateful for all her detail to attention on this process. Outstanding Miss Pam!
Disconnect in Process by
Reviewed October 28, 2020 | Rating:
I was pleased overall in dealing with Pam, however beyond dissatisfied with the processing and underwriting of my loan. Pam expressed my initial concerns in dealing with Monica to management and I was assured my loan file was being looked after by Monica’s supervisor. The day before my scheduled closing was an absolute nightmare for me. I’m the type of person to trust in the process, however I was beyond furious. Thankfully my loan did close on my closing date, however I feel if I wouldn’t have gotten angry that it wouldn’t have happened, which is sad. Pam has apologized numerous times and I don’t want this to reflect on her as she can’t originate and process/underwrite her loans. Going forward I hope this is a learning experience for all involved. Thank you.
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