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Nichol Downey

NMLS# 1186695  

Average Rating: 5  [11 Review(s)]
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Current Employer:  Loan Officer RMC Home Mortgage, LLC [Orange Longwood Florida]

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Helpful by
Reviewed March 20, 2023 | Rating:
Everyone did great. Special thanks to Nichol who was super helpful and educated us on the whole process!
Very Disappointed by
Reviewed January 18, 2023 | Rating:
We have owed between us both at least 4 houses and so have had to go thru this process multiple times and I have to say this was the worst experience ever. From being asked multiple times for the same document to waiting last minute for approvals to just poor communication of all parties definitely made the actual signing day, which is to be such a wonderful moment full of stress and plain annoyance. On top of it, when we got to the signing there was No representation from your company at all and we were there with someone who we had no idea who she was. There was no welcome no congratulation no nothing and again we have gone thru this before and this company versus others we have dealt with comes no where near. If every asked on recommendations we will definitely share our honest feedback with all.
Amazing by
Reviewed December 28, 2022 | Rating:
Nichol made the process so easy. Any question I had she was there to answer and help out in any way possible. She was amazing to work with! Thank you!
title company by
Reviewed December 23, 2022 | Rating:
Did a nice job too
Quality of service by
Reviewed October 27, 2022 | Rating:
It is perfect experience with Nichole
Satisfied by
Reviewed September 24, 2022 | Rating:
Nichole was terrific, but there were a few curve balls thrown in at the last minute. She helped figure everything out.
Amazing service by
Reviewed August 31, 2021 | Rating:
Nichol provided the best customer service around, and made sure that she was on time with all of the deadlines. She was very professional and helpful.
Team by
Reviewed August 26, 2021 | Rating:
Nichol was excellent. I could have asked for a officer to assist in working with my loan. Also Megan was extremely helpful and professional as well.
Fantastic Customer Service by
Reviewed August 04, 2021 | Rating:
I can't say enough about FBC, Nichol, and her team. I always knew the status of my loan and what information was needed during each step. I felt valued as a customer and can't recommend FBC enough.
Reviewing our Lender for our new Maronda Home by
Reviewed September 30, 2020 | Rating:
My wife and I had a very nice experience during a very stressful process. This is the 3rd home we have built and understood some of the things we would go through. All and all it was not a bad process.
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