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Mal McLean

NMLS# 656806  

Average Rating: 4  [8 Review(s)]
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Current Employer:  Loan Officer Homeowners Mortgage [ Simpsonville SouthCarolina]

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Exceptional Service` by
Reviewed May 01, 2024 | Rating:
The team was great and very detailed. They made sure that I was in the loop on everything and pushed me to meet my goal of being a 1st time Home Owner. Thanks TEAM!!!
Rate my lender by
Reviewed January 22, 2024 | Rating:
I used Homeowners Mortgage to apply for my VA loan. They were very knowledgeable about the process, and was always ready to provide answers to my questions. Mal and Stephanie were very easy to reach through messages, emails and phone calls, which made the process as easy as possible. I am highly recommending this lender to everyone looking out for a reliable and knowledgeable lender, especially my military folks, because they made the process seemingly easy.
Hard Working Team by
Reviewed January 06, 2024 | Rating:
Very professional team that worked very hard to help us close on a home between two Hollidays in two weeks!!
HLF by
Reviewed July 12, 2023 | Rating:
Builders lender by
Reviewed June 29, 2023 | Rating:
The only reason we used this lender was because of the closing cost offered from the builder for using their lender.
Frustrated Lack of Communication by
Reviewed June 03, 2023 | Rating:
There were several incidents where I waited for information and did not receive calls or texts.
Mal by
Reviewed February 10, 2023 | Rating:
Mal was great in the beginning when he needed something from me but when I didn't get my $600.00 credit he was no help. He was very busy then the "government" required actual statements from my credit card co. to show the charge along with my bank statement and the credit card statement showing it was paid then his "boss" was working on it but I never heard from him. When I contacted Stephanie Simmons she took care of the refund within a week. She is a great employee. Keep her!!!!
Outstanding!! by
Reviewed August 04, 2022 | Rating:
Mal and his team were completely responsive and attentive to my needs as a buyer. His team got my VA loan closed in under 45 day!!