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Jim Lewis

NMLS# 303559  

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Current Employer:  Loan Officer Homeowners Mortgage [ Simpsonville SouthCarolina]

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Loan processing by
Reviewed March 25, 2023 | Rating:
It was speedy and easy to get. The loan team was always available to help; sometimes working after office hours.
Homeowners Mortgage Performance by
Reviewed February 27, 2023 | Rating:
Candidly speaking, the loan would have never been completed without the promptness, professionalism, and total commitment to the entire process on the part of Jim Lewis and Audra Swift. Mr. Lewis was always available ,day or night, to answer any questions or concerns i had during the process.
Not so smooth sailing by
Reviewed December 28, 2022 | Rating:
This has never been a smooth transition since day one. We started with a gentleman by the name of Cory Schiedel at FBC Mortgage and not quite a week after we inquired about rates, we were managed by another person by the name of Stephanie Lucas. Not a week with FBC, we were told that FBC was merging with Homeowners Mortgage (HM). Stephanie was our main contact and worked in conjunction with Jim Lewis. The first issue we encountered with HM was when we were trying to lock in an extended rate lock. While I understand the Fed was increasing rates during the time we were locking in, we were originally told we would HM will offer 3500 incentive for using them and the upfront 1% fee for the extended rate lock was refundable. After going back and forth with checking rates and at the point of locking in, we were then told the extended rate lock fee was no longer refundable due to market volatility investors changing their minds. After locking in a rate, I have had to follow up to inquire with status of loan docs among other things. The one particular instance is when I emailed Stephanie in early November to inquire the status of when we are getting the home appraised as we were told should be at least 45 days. Did not hear back from her nor Jim Lewis. A couple of weeks later I inquired again, this time copying my realtor and was told Stephanie was on maternity leave and that Jim would arrange for the appraisal. All of the sudden we get this email from an outside vendor asking me to pay for the appraisal. We were never an email was going to be sent to us from an outside vendor, nor were we told we had to pay out of pocket and will be adjusted on the loan closing docs. The last straw was when the appraisal was finally completed, which occurred 4 days before the closing, it came in under what we purchased the home for! We feel if the communication with HM was lacking, especially not even getting any notice that our lender went on maternity leave and the lack of communication while she was away.