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Jeff Schneider

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Average Rating: 4  [22 Review(s)]
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Current Employer:  Loan Officer RMC Home Mortgage, LLC [Orange Longwood Florida]

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FBC Mortgage, LLC OrangeOrlandoFlorida 13633 Lender Profile
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Owner by
Reviewed February 28, 2023 | Rating:
Awesome house
Great Service from Jeff by
Reviewed February 28, 2023 | Rating:
Jeff was outstanding every step of the way. He is always willing to help and was extremely courteous and professional. He made the home buying process so much easier.
RMC made my closing so smooth! by [Realtor]
Reviewed October 10, 2022 | Rating:
Real Estate Professional
Thank you Jeff and Lynn and All who helped me through it!
Lack of communication by
Reviewed September 17, 2022 | Rating:
Unfortunately, it took the office several days to answer emails. There was a lack of communication and sadly because of that we lost the opportunity to lock a lower rate. Thankfully, T’Shael was a great source of communication- and only her.
Horrible service and experience!!!! by
Reviewed August 08, 2022 | Rating:
I want to inform you that it's not that I'm thinking of switching lender! I already did switched lender, from the beginning of this process Jeff Schneider has been lying to me and misinforming me! It costed me thousands of dollars already for all his bad and HORRIBLY service if you can call that service! I never received an answer as to why he were charging me almost 13,000 for the purchase of half of point of interest rate! And others many fees that did not make sense! Never respond back on why they weren't covering the closing costs! when that was the only reason i chose him , no one ever returned my calls or answered the same ones! I can write a book if I wanted to about the whole bad experience with Jeff Schneider and his team!!! You tell me how paying my own closing costs with Mortgageright is going to cost me $8,000 dollars less than RMC supposedly paying my closing costs!!!!! It was all a lie, you are only here to see how much money you can get from the client! No wonder Jeff pic is nowhere to be found in the website of course someone scamming people like him won’t put himself out there.
Best company for your loans! by
Reviewed June 28, 2022 | Rating:
The staff and management were awesome in helping my family and I to be able to get into our new home. Jeff and Jordan did an excellent job with the paperwork and making sure I knew exactly what type of documents I needed to continue reviewing for the loan. Communication was key and they did not lack in that aspect. Overall I would recommend them and have done so already!
Roller Coaster Mortgage Ride by
Reviewed June 04, 2022 | Rating:
Used RMC due to them working with the builder and paying closing costs. Be very cautious if you use them. The entire process will be a roller coaster ride from the beginning. We started as FBC and changed to RMC. Then after the switch the documents submitted were not looked at or dealt with until 3 months to closing(almost a year later). This made the loan process a headache. Communication is horrible. Asked to lock my rate and was told no. Then I asked why was I not notified to lock as rates were rising knowing I wanted to lock and was told it's my responsibility to keep an eye on that and not my loan officers responsibility. Overall was the worst mortgage experience niggtmare I have ever had to deal with.
Wonderful by
Reviewed May 26, 2022 | Rating:
The whole process with the RMC Home Mortgage LLC company was wonderful, easy and a nice experience to be my first purchase and the people with whom I worked for the process of buying the house were wonderful and they know their job, I recommend them to Anyone who is interested in buying a home Jeff Schneider and James Peterson "the best" and, I highly recommend RMC Home mortgage LLC for the purchase of your house.
Good Job Jeff ! by
Reviewed April 29, 2022 | Rating:
Jeff kept me informed of what is going on, and always was on top of the process. He did a great job. Thanks Jeff. - Chris G. Georgas
A great experience! by
Reviewed June 02, 2021 | Rating:
The FBC Mortgage team made the process of applying for a mortgage and buying a home as easy as it could be. They were always very informative and on top of eveey single step, we never felt helpless or confused. Thank you FBC Mortgage, Thank you Jeff, Tina and James!!!!
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