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James Allen Lewis, Jr

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Current Employer:  Loan Officer Homeowners Mortgage [ Simpsonville SouthCarolina]

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FBC Mortgage, LLC OrangeOrlandoFlorida 13574 Lender Profile
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Navigated the Mortgage Process for us Expertly by
Reviewed May 05, 2022 | Rating:
The rings a borrower must jump through to obtain a mortgage are daunting--to say the least. Jim and Stephanie walked us through step by step, went over and beyond their duties to make sure we were cleared to close on our property in time--and did it all with pleasantries and smiles. They were fantastic sifting through our financial histories and so detail oriented. A great experience for a very difficult endeavor!
Mortgage by
Reviewed September 02, 2021 | Rating:
Jim Lewis and his team were awesome. They did everything they said they would do. Excellent communication
Piss Poor by
Reviewed June 02, 2021 | Rating:
Jim was mostly unresponsive and never explained anything unless I reached out. Closing attorney couldn’t reach him for an hour and half on closing day. I would not recommend Jim Lewis.
Jim is the best! by
Reviewed May 25, 2021 | Rating:
Jim and his team are truly the best in the business! I appreciated Jim's guidance throughout the loan process. He was informative and helpful throughout the transaction. He also answered all of my questions and responded quickly. The process was smooth and I was kept in the loop every step of the way. We closed on time and I couldn't be more satisfied with my experience with Jim and his team. Would highly recommend Jim Lewis!
Great and Easy Process by
Reviewed April 29, 2021 | Rating:
The loan process went through really smoothly with no issues or resolve. They talked me through every problem I had and explain what was going on very well. Thank you FBC Mortgage, LLC
The Worst Experience of My Life by
Reviewed April 01, 2021 | Rating:
From beginning to end the mortgage process was nothing short of a nightmare. From the start of my application, I never heard from my loan officer, Jim Lewis. With an initial closing date of 3/26, I was reassured that we would meet the closing deadline and encouraged to end my lease on 3/31. As a first-time homebuyer, I expected to receive communication throughout the process about where we are and what was to come but unfortunately, I was left with unanswered calls, texts, emails, constant delays, and miscommunication. The file took 3 weeks to even get processed to underwriting as we were awaiting an appraisal that was never ordered. As the 3/26 deadline grew closer, communication worsened and until my loan began processing, I had no communication with Jim Lewis. During the underwriting process issues arose when incorrect application information was put into my file. The underwriters had to rush to meet the 3/26 deadline due to lack of action of Jim Lewis. Through this rushed process I only received communication from the loan processor who kept me abreast of what was to come. My closing was pushed back from 3/26 to 3/29. I was supposed to receive the closing disclosure on the 25th to ensure a closing on 3/29. This was received at the absolute last minute and was incorrect. When I notified Jim Lewis, he brushed it off and ensured we would still be closing 3/29. As the deadline for my notice to vacate approached, I grew anxious as I had not received conditional approval and the closing was still not scheduled. I received word on 3/26 that we would indeed not be closing on time again and Jim Lewis was still unheard from. On 3/29 we were told the closing was confirmed and that underwriting did their final approval on 3/26 and I should move forward with wiring cash to close funds and the remainder of steps needed to close. The Attorney's office had a deadline of 5pm to receive the clear to close documents and again not to my surprise those were never received. Thanks to my builder (which was odd that they would be receiving communication regarding my file before myself), I received an update about the underwriting team needing to do a second approval before a clear to close could be issued. This was after my funds were wired and of course no word from Jim Lewis or processor. I made countless calls, left several voicemails, emails and texts for them to go unanswered. Finally, after 6pm I received a call from Jim Lewis explaining what was happening and that ultimately the closing possibly could get pushed back if underwriting could not issue the CTC in time. The MORNING of my closing (less than 2 hours before scheduled closing) is when I received approval and my clear to close. While still frustrated with the process I was glad to be at the finish line or so I thought. At closing, the attorney went to process all the documents I signed but the underwriter could not give final approval as the wire that was sent differed from the amount that was provided in the gift letter. The day prior before wiring the funds, I asked my loan processor to confirm if it would be okay if my fiancé' wired the gift and the additional funds needed to close. She received word from Jim Lewis that this would be okay to do, and I should proceed to wire. As I sat at the attorney's office awaiting this process to be rectified, I had not heard from Jim Lewis or processor. I had to wait for a document to be sent to the attorney's office for signature. No apology or again communication from either party. The following day, I thought I would be in the clear with FBC and never had to deal with this incompetent team again, I received an email saying that they forgot to include an important FHA document and I had to return to the attorney's office once again to sign off. This was the nail in the coffin! The mishaps and lack of communication was enough. I had been inconvenienced every step of the process. Jim should not be in this profession as he lacks the knowledge and tact that a loan officer needs. I hate that this was my first home buying experience, but I will ensure everyone I know never purchases a home through FBC.
Reviewed March 24, 2021 | Rating:
Jim & Stephanie are the BEST! No Worries, No Hassles, No Questions, No Hiccups! Thank you for your help!
Smooth Process by
Reviewed August 20, 2020 | Rating:
I was very nervous to go through the process of purchasing a new home. This is not my first time and All I could remember was how much back n forth it took to finalize. Things were different this time and although I was anxious, things went very smoothly. I appreciate that so much. Thank you for putting my fears to rest!
Jim Lewis' Team excellent DIS-SERVICE on closing 6458 Moutain Home Way by
Reviewed July 25, 2020 | Rating:
It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to write a few words about my experience in working with Jim Lewis's Team at FBC. This closing was arguably the worst experienced I have ever had in working with any lender, either for my own purchases or for my clients whom I have represented as their buyers agent, because I am a realtor with ReMax Premier and have dealt with many lenders. This was my fifth (5th) purchase from Ashton Woods in that particular community. My previous loans were all with Wells Fargo, and they all closed beautifully without any delays. I have also worked with South East mortgage, BB&T, North Point Mortgage, in none of them I had such miserable experience. Right from the beginning in June 4th 2020 Mr. Lewis started showing evidence of his incompetence in communication by delaying to return calls and text messages (Horrible Horrible). here are some brief examples...For some reason I could not login to set up an account in FBC system to complete my application, and he was not able to get the IT to correct this minor issue. I had to set in my car for 45 minutes for him to ask questions to complete my application (unacceptable), then someone else to call me for another set of questions to check my credit (unacceptable). This sort of personal information should be passed through secure sites (unbelievable). I never, received a single loan estimates, cost for closing, and monthly payment estimate until the very end, AND THAT WAS BASED ON A WRONG PURCHASE PRICE AND FULL OF ERRORS (WHAT CAN I SAY!!!). My closing was on Monday the 13th July, on Thursday the 9th of July I received a LONG list of 11 items to submit and approved by the underwriter and still be able to close on Monday the 13th. Each one of these items was time consuming to obtain considering that people have a separate life to lead and have to make a living. Some of the documents I submitted three times or at least two times, such as some of the bank account information or my pay stubs. He made me to pay my taxes of over $14,000 despite the fact that I had sent him my schedule payment with IRS and bank statement of partial payment of $4500. It is my American right to pay my taxes in installment! My closing was postpone three (3) times. Jim claims 30 years of experience in working with loans, he certainly failed on this ONE. On the issue of my taxes, I checked with my other lenders that I worked with they were all surprised. I rather to have a reasonable prompt return of call and advise than receiving these JARGON advertising and automated emails, or $5-10 Starbucks card (that is shameful). Jim and his team did DISSERVICE to me.
Beyond Incredible by
Reviewed July 25, 2020 | Rating:
Jim Lewis along with the most amazing assistant closed my loan in record time. It wasn't easy, I sold my home for cash and had to be out in 20 days, Stephanie held my hand and Jim jumped on board, amazingly and even with last minute under writer request this team, got it done. I was a buyer but I'm also a Real Estate Agent and FBC is Always my first choice for a loan.
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