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Gordon Palmieri

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Current Employer:  Loan Officer Trailblazer Mortgage L.L.C. [Orange Orlando Florida]

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FBC Mortgage, LLC OrangeOrlandoFlorida 13734 Lender Profile
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Unsatisfied!!! by
Reviewed November 25, 2023 | Rating:
I will send you a copy of an email that I sent to Mr Gordon PALMIERI immediately after closing on my home which will explain my dissatisfaction.      Good evening Mr. Gordon. I felt the need to express how disappointed dealing with you, as a representative of Trailblazer Mortgage, has been. This whole home buying experience is new to me. While I’ve had a home in the past during which time I was married, my ex husband dealt with this process but I do remember the mortgage company being in regular contact throughout the process because purchasing a home was new to us at that time. I said that to say, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve spoken with you on the phone. I spoke with you during the initial phase of this process when my very efficient realtor knew I had questions that needed answering. After that time, I began to receive documents and tasks that needed to be completed, some time sensitive. I sent a few of the documents to my realtor asking for her input as to whether or not they were ok to sign. I consider myself a fairly intelligent person but this is not my line of work and a lot of the language I truthfully didn’t understand. I didn’t ask questions because I didn’t know what to ask. I read through the documents and trusted what I was signing were in my best interest. My experience with Trailblazer Mortgage has shown me just why I chose the profession as a nurse, because I genuinely care about people and provide a service that they need. But in doing so, I take the time to explain to them why I’m doing what I’m doing and make sure they understand what is needed of them. You also provide a service that is needed, however, I was left to decipher documents on my own without guidance or assistance from you. You mentioned to me yesterday that I would receive more documentation that I could only sign on closing date that would only require me to spend about 15 minutes in the law firms office. Or I had the option to sign all documentation at the law firm. I was left with no alternative but to wait and sign them at the attorneys office to ensure the documents were thoroughly explained to me. I truly hope that my experience is not standard practice for everyone that deals with your organization. Respectfully, G. Watson
Awesome by
Reviewed June 28, 2023 | Rating:
Gordon was awesome with communication and making sure I stayed on top of things to make the process flow smoothly.
Trailblazer is Right! by
Reviewed December 16, 2022 | Rating:
Gordon and his team was amazing. Everything was automated. Fast response time.
Dismissive and rude by
Reviewed October 06, 2022 | Rating:
Very dismissive, told me that VA did not approve my loan due to a closed timeshare, Called VA and this is false!
Very nice by
Reviewed September 11, 2022 | Rating:
I have never met some one like him he was always available for me any time I call him for assistant And he was with me on every step of the process.
Great experience by
Reviewed June 01, 2022 | Rating:
I have bought and sold 4 homes, and I have never worked with a firm that was so customer driven. Gordon and the team went out of their way to help me. Sometimes above and beyond. If you need a lender Trailblazer Mortgage L.L.C. is my recommendation.
Trailblazer Mortgage Highly Recommended by
Reviewed April 28, 2022 | Rating:
Fantastic job to the folks at Trailblazer for being very professional and getting my loan approved and processed very quickly.
First time homeowner by
Reviewed April 19, 2022 | Rating:
As a first time home buyer, Gordon and Debra made the process very easy. You hear so much about how hard the home buying process is but they made it as simple as possible!
Excellent Mortgage Loan Originator by
Reviewed March 24, 2022 | Rating:
Gordon Palmieri​ is an excellent Loan Originator. I did at least 12 to 13 home purchases and/or refinances. His response is quick and he knew what we are asking and telling us. If we want to change something in our loan application - he will do it with in no time. Gordon is honest and trust worthy.
Home Purchase by
Reviewed January 18, 2022 | Rating:
It was great experience working with Gordon, very prompt in responding to my questions and concerns. The loan process was very smooth.
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