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George Stone

NMLS# 317805  

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Current Employer:  Loan Officer Jet HomeLoans, LLC [Duval Jacksonville Florida]

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loan process by
Reviewed November 09, 2022 | Rating:
While I did have 3 different loan agents throughout this process, George is the one that closed us out. During my time working with George he was cordial, positive, and had excellent communication. Any time I messaged him I was responded to almost immediately. I appreciated his work ethic and customer focused drive. Thanks George!
First Class Service by
Reviewed October 31, 2022 | Rating:
We have know and have been working with George for over 10 years. We had an amazing experience working with George for the 4th. He was always available to help answer any questions we had along the process of buying or refinancing. He always took the time to explain the meaning behind various mortgage topics and different loan options. We will counting on George when we find our new property for sure.
Worst Experience Financing a Home Purchase by
Reviewed October 30, 2022 | Rating:
We had the most frustrating and difficult time with Jet HomeLoans. The loan officer, the processor, I dare say, the underwriter was the most incompetent team I have ever dealt with. This company discriminated againstmy co-borrower at every turn, leaving her off paperwork, disregarding her phone calls and inquiries, and generally disrespecting her throughout the process. Even now, this survey came only to me and not to her for input. Communication from this company was terrible. Documents were incorrect or worse, belonging to another poor individual trying to get funded. It was unfathomable that with as high a credit score that both of us borrowers had and the amount of assets, how difficult this process was. The loan officer seemed much more concerned with how to convince us to buy-down the rate than actually having us submit the appropriate paperwork in a timely manner to be able to close on time. And we did not close on time. And when we did finally close, we were sent to a closed Title Company office. To say that this was a terrible experience is an understatement. Clearly this company is run by people who do not understand lending or customer service. I will tell anyone that asks to run before even thinking of using Jet HomeLoans.
Most Knowledgable and Helpful in the Industry by
Reviewed October 29, 2022 | Rating:
I can always count on George to let me know all of my financing options and help me understand the terms beforehand. I have never received the level of service that I receive from George from any other lender professional. George has helped me finance a couple of properties and I recommend him without question. I continue to go back to him for any loan need. I think he is the best in the industry.
First Class Service by
Reviewed October 29, 2022 | Rating:
From start to finish George Stone was amazing! He made a normally aggravating process a seem less process! He worked nights and weekends to get our loan done within the time frame we had. We will definitely be using him on all our loans from now on.
Worst Loan Experience Ever by
Reviewed October 28, 2022 | Rating:
Our fifth time buying a house & this was by far the worst experience ever. George was so busy working his hustle to have us buy down the loan that important information & documents were not requested until Matt minute. George choose only to communicate with the man & higher credit score holder and refused to speak with me, the woman, about any details or necessary information. George seemed also to be unavailable most afternoons for questions and requested urgent items at the last minute. He was often rude, short, and downright unprofessional in his manner and email. To say there was unfair lending practice is an understatement when paperwork was only addressed again to the man with the higher credit score. George succeeded in making it clear that I was not important enough in the process to warrant his time or attention. We received other borrowers loan documents through the secure portal and many I’d our documents were inaccurate or did not include my name as coborrower. If i could have cancelled the loan and purchase of the home without losing money, we would have. I will never recommend JetHome Loans and by extension DreamFinders to anyone.
First class service by
Reviewed September 28, 2022 | Rating:
Excellent communication and support, difficult process for me but it was made easy and stress free by George, thank you so much
Not great by
Reviewed May 05, 2021 | Rating:
Communication is lacking. Told they would get back to us but never called back and returning calls was difficult for them. Asked at very last minute fir new paperwork that caused us issues as we needed our book keeper to leave her work and find the needed docs. Would not recommend.
Easy Loan Process by
Reviewed April 28, 2021 | Rating:
George and his colleagues made the loan process easy and the online loan process worked great. George was available and very helpful.
Corey's Review by
Reviewed March 25, 2021 | Rating:
George and Zeina were a delight to work with. Builder progress lagged which caused delays in everything but that wasn't Jet's fault. I would recommend them to anyone!
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