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Carolina Ortega

NMLS# 1611092  

Average Rating: 4  [16 Review(s)]
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Current Employer:  Loan Officer RMC Home Mortgage, LLC [Orange Longwood Florida]

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FBC Mortgage, LLC OrangeOrlandoFlorida 13342 Lender Profile
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Committed by
Reviewed May 28, 2022 | Rating:
I must say that Carolina went above and beyond to make sure I got my home. Extreamly resilient and co.mited to the task at hand. She said we would close and stayed with me throughout the process to make sure that happen. Very greatful and thankful.
Excelente by
Reviewed May 27, 2022 | Rating:
Excelente atención y profesionalismo. excellent attention, and professionalism, people with great knowledge, dedication, follow-up, and committed to satisfying families to obtain a home Thank you
Highly efficient person by
Reviewed May 02, 2022 | Rating:
Dear Carolina, I thank God for having placed in my path such a special person to take care of the process of my house and to be our tireless defender, people like you who live planting, advocating and acting within the law so that people can be happy in this chaotic world of suffocating survival. Mrs. CAROLINA May God continue to watch over you, protecting you, blessing you and giving you the strength to help the people who come along your professional path who need your guidance and advice. My family Elka and my daughter Juanita pray daily for your existence, we eternally thank you for your great efforts in this cumbersome process that only you know how much you helped us get to the end. Lady CAROLINA we carry you in our hearts always!
Outstanding by
Reviewed April 28, 2022 | Rating:
I would truly love to give an Tremendous SHOUT OUT to the ONE and only ,and only Carolina Ortega, omg where do I start ….loving, kind, patient, phenomenal, stellar, on fire 🔥. Carolina have giving me hope to not give up on my Home do to minor issues cause I lost hope after a year passed. Carolina comforted me and told me in the end it will be worth it and as I have reach to the end and I finally turned those keys to my home I am yelling on the top of my lungs to carolina and I am saying THANK YOU CAROLINA!!!!!!!!!!! It was worth the wait, it truly was. My home is beautiful in every stitch of hard work that was put into it on hot days and rainy days. I am truly blessed for you being in my life for this moment , I could have got any loan officer but God has giving me you. From the restless night and all the sacrifices I have made to get here you made it all come together. carolina I truly am greatful for you and what you have done not only for me but for my three little ones. Carolina My Love, My Heart May God continue to bless you cause You are who make families smile the moment they get that call that says YOU ARE APPROVE!!!!! Sincerely love you Thank Once more!!!! Don’t stop what your doing. God loves you.😘
House by
Reviewed April 27, 2022 | Rating:
Very helpful and profesional. Best experience ever
Good by
Reviewed April 14, 2022 | Rating:
RECOMENDADA AL 100% by [Realtor]
Reviewed March 23, 2022 | Rating:
Real Estate Professional
Yo como Realtor de la familia Marcano Rivera quiero agradecerte el apoyo incondicional que en todo momento tuvimos contigo para llegar al cierre de esta casa, desde un principio sabias que no era un caso sencillo y eso no te detuvo para ayudar a cumplir este sueño tan preciado que ya muchos Originadores de Préstamo habían negado... en nombre de la familia: Dios te bendiga.
Terrible by
Reviewed March 23, 2022 | Rating:
Communication was terrible. Didn’t give me information throughout the process, I had to wait for days to get an answer and charged me extremely high fees with a credit score of 750+. They said they would give me a credit that they deducted somewhere else. Stay away from this llace
FBC loans/ customer service by
Reviewed January 29, 2021 | Rating:
Be truthful, email customer back/call, speak to client instead of sale person, took too long to close loan and drag out loan process if you can't close loan tell the Customer so they can have plan B. Charge customer discount points. Rates were lower and and same customer were calling from a different department to offer lower rate.
Bad by
Reviewed December 03, 2020 | Rating:
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