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Andrew Pennink

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Current Employer:  Loan Officer Jet HomeLoans, LP [Duval Jacksonville Florida]

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Superb Service by
Reviewed December 18, 2023 | Rating:
Reached out to Andrew late afternoon on the weekend, and although he had short notice, within minutes he proceeded to work and initiated the steps of the loan process. From Pre-Approval all the way to Closing, he provided guidance and answered every question promptly along the way. Excellent job and hopefully everyone can end up with an Andrew!
Double Check Everyone and Everything at Jet, besides Andrew by
Reviewed November 20, 2023 | Rating:
Jet homeloans was offering a very good deal in todays mortgage climate. It was one of the reasons I choose to go with Jet. Andrew Pennink was knowledgeable, helpful and seemed to want to get the best deal for me. However everyone else I dealt with at Jet was not helpful, and they used the complexity of the contract that left me missing out on almost $2k at closing. During underwriting they rolled the $2k I had put down to secure the contract into the overall amount, something I did not want to do, and was not the financial plan I would have ever chosen. They did not consult me about doing it, and even during closing when I contacted Andrew, he was perplexed that this occurred. The only reason I am not giving Jet a lower score is because of Andrew, he was helpful and I wish I could have only worked with him as I would have been much happier with the process.
Loan Process by
Reviewed June 22, 2023 | Rating:
Andrew was SUPERB. He was always willing to assist and was available 24/7's. He did everything to ensure we qualified. Trulya professional and one of the best; if not the best around.
One of the best by
Reviewed May 25, 2023 | Rating:
Andrew is one of the best out there, he communicates very well about anytbung you need and can reassure you about any questions you have.
Horrible lender by
Reviewed February 24, 2023 | Rating:
Andrew lack communication, effectiveness, as well as diligence. If it wasn’t for the builder Giving more incentives for us to stay with jet home loans we would have canceled our loan due to him. I wouldn’t recommend him what so ever. He even stated that he got us a good deal, but that is wrong. Another lender got us a good deal, and he was forced to match it after he had told us that that was not realistic.
Mrs. Washington by
Reviewed February 22, 2023 | Rating:
Andrew and his team were absolutely amazing. They were very informative and supportive. They kept me informed of every step and the website they use is so user friendly. Love the loan tracker. Thank you so much for all you and your team do.
Not a good fit for investors by [Other]
Reviewed December 07, 2022 | Rating:
Real Estate Professional
Andrew and his team are very nice people. However, there was enough miscommunication and confusion amongst the Jet team that it was not a smooth process. Would not recommend using for investor properties. They were utilized due to enough incentives from the builder. Recommend they find other lenders instead of most big box providers. The rates were awful, but that is likely due to the Fed jacking up the rates.
lack of communication by
Reviewed July 21, 2022 | Rating:
I felt like there was some miscommunication. We wanted to lock in our interest rate when it was lower. I heard we had 90 days before closing and I heard we had 60 days before closing. We didn't get it locked in until 2 weeks before closing. The rate was very high. Andrew said it was the builder taking too long. However, other people I've spoken to said that's not true. I'm disappointed in our high interest rate. My realtor and myself sent numerous emails and calls trying to get locked in sooner. I feel like the loan processor had our back. I'm just not sure anyone else did.
Angels on Time by
Reviewed July 19, 2022 | Rating:
Jet homeloans whole Team rock. This Team was amazing from the beginning to the end. Very professional, call back immediately, explained everything step by step. This Team didn’t walk behind me, in front of me yet they walk beside me until I closed! I love it. I was nervous, scared and didn’t know what to expect, little did I know they were my Angel Team there with me all along! This was a smooth transaction and I’m grateful and thankful for the whole Team! Two words: Jet Homeloans rock, well three! Lol Thank you
Andrew Pennink is one outstanding professional and I would recommend Andrew to anyone needing a mortgage. by
Reviewed July 06, 2022 | Rating:
Andrew could not have been more helpful to Dena and me. Always there to answer any questions and calm the waters.
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