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Current Employer:  Loan Officer Jet HomeLoans, LP [Duval Jacksonville Florida]

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Best Experience ever!! by
Reviewed February 15, 2024 | Rating:
I have so many good things to say that I don’t know where to start.. My husband and I are first time home buyers, when we start the process we knew very little about the mortgage process, we were very hesitant because of the market and high interest rates but when we spoke with Amy the first time, she was so helpful and explain everything so well that gave us reasons to believe we were taking the right decision. It was always very easy to communicate with her..Always very informative and had very professional (specially during those times that I had one million questions). I am very grateful for her and Curtis (my processor). They both did an excellent job making our process enjoyable and as smooth as they could. I trusted every advice Amy gave me and I am glad I did!! Abreu Armstrong Family would highly recommend Amy as the best lender ever!!!
Amy is an Unprofessional Nightmare by
Reviewed January 03, 2024 | Rating:
My original loan officer was Michael Lyons. He was great (a bit hard to reach towards the beginning of the process but very helpful). He went on vacation and Amy Stephens covered for him. Things went smoothly for most of my home buying experience until this happened. Amy and I scheduled via email to meet on Wednesday, 8/9/2023 at 2 pm which I blocked off on my work calendar in order to attend. I was sent two meeting invitations back to back for two different times with no explanation. Amy called me before the scheduled time advising she was overbooked for 2 pm. I stopped working and joined this call along with my realtor and my mother. Amy jumped right in with discussion of points, rates and a cost that I was not aware of prior, so I was extremely confused. My mom and I didn’t have to buy a rate in the past. She had trouble explaining and offered for my realtor to discuss this with me further. She rushed us off the phone because she needed to attend another call (due to her being overbooked). She said we would meet again at 5 pm this same day to discuss our final decision and lock in the rate. We discussed the options and I was ready to lock in the rate at 5. When this time came, Amy did not reach out. I texted her asking if we are still speaking today. She did not respond at all. The next day, Thurs. 8/10, I sent an email to Amy, and the Team Lyons email asking if we are rescheduling our call for sometime today. I did not receive a response from anyone, so I called Amy and left a voicemail. I let her know I tried contacting her Wednesday and that day with no response. Amy did not contact me again until Friday 8/11. At this time she dramatically asks what did she quote me the last time we spoke, essentially tells me I should have locked in the rate on Wednesday and basically placed the blame on me, as rates had skyrocketed. I let her know we did not meet as she said at 5 pm on Wednesday. She rolled right past that comment. She took absolutely no accountability nor provided an explanation for the fact that she completely disappeared for the last two days. Instead, she tries to say that the rates increased like 2 hours after our call on Wednesday anyways. Regardless, the rates raised even more after Wednesday and she failed to reach back out and adhere to our meetings. Per our research and knowledge from another lender, the rates rose significantly on Thursday. If she contacted me on Wednesday or Thursday, the cost would still be lower than it was Friday. I find it very odd that she stated that she is not upset with me, but upset we didn’t lock in the rate Wednesday as if this was my fault. She also mentioned she had like 10 other calls Wednesday in which people locked in their rates because they “did their research”. The gaslighting and condescending, unprofessional nature she exhibited was unacceptable. I could barely speak because I was fuming. My realtor and mother attended every call and can attest to this information. My realtor was appalled and Amy called him separately when trying to get me to lock in the rate that Friday. I reached out to my builder contact about this issue. He wanted to speak with the manager and we found out Amy was the manager! From there I was asked to email the builder and attached all proof of the aforementioned. The builder agreed to cover the difference since the rate basically TRIPLED by the time Amy finally reached out. I wanted to speak with someone over Amy but seeing that she was the branch manager/VP, was very concerning. As a result of her negligence, the initial amount of $900 for me to lock in my rate from Wednesday had tripled to $2,972. Not to mention she provided incorrect numbers as I asked questions. We had not received accurate or precise numbers during some of our communications with Amy. I could not properly make calculations with inaccurate numbers. She initially told me Dream Finders was contributing over $13,000 to the closing costs, which I questioned as it was inaccurate (this was my deposit amount). Afterwards she said it was actually around $8,000 which was also incorrect -builder contact confirmed it was $10,000. She also did not provide an exact closing amount. It appears she had been disorganized and throwing out random or estimated numbers which is heavily concerning. It didn’t sound like she was actually sitting at a computer or in office to view numbers during one of our calls. It was hard to find the company trustworthy when dealing with such an important matter, so I felt extremely uncomfortable. So much so that my realtor and I spoke with another lender but they recommended to stick it out since I was so close to closing. I was not ok with working with Amy anymore and waited for Michael Lyons to come back into the office, risking a potential increase in the rate amount. Thankfully it was about the same when Michael took the time to share his screen and made sure we understood everything prior to locking in the rate. I imagine Amy doesn’t typically handle cases and does managerial work on a regular basis instead. If she does handle cases.. she should be fired for her negligence, unprofessionalism and inability to deliver accurate information. I didn’t have time to leave a review or contact corporate right away but I made sure I came back to share my experience. I rarely ever write reviews!
mortgage services evaluation by
Reviewed June 08, 2023 | Rating:
Essentially, 3 important qualities of customer service center around Professionalism, Patience, and people first attitude. know your product for your customer.
Best Loan Officer!! by
Reviewed December 29, 2022 | Rating:
Amy Stephens is exceptional. Always communicative, helpful, patient with our many questions (even outside of business hours). She made this process a dream and helped us close in just about 10 business days!! During the holidays, no less. Could not have wished for a better loan officer for this process.