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Zack Webster

NMLS# 2053084  

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Current Employer:  Loan Officer Loan Depot [ 26642 Towne Centre Drive Foothill Ranch, California California]

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Constant issues from escrow, insurance, escrow payments by
Reviewed July 06, 2022 | Rating:
I have nothing but issues since I refinanced with Loan Depot May 2021. The loan was set up with a escrow account originally. I received a penalty on my property taxes because they did not pay them. I received a notice my home owners insurance was being canceled twice due to not being paid from the escrow account so I had to make the payment myself then try and get it straightened out with the loan company. The latest is Loan Depot is now stating they are going to charge me $2392.22 for insurance because they do not have record of having coverage when the loan originally closed escrow.