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Jeremy Brittain 459692   Profile
Anthony Mendez 459604 1 Profile
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A dishonest loan officer and a shifty lender that stands with him by
Reviewed October 30, 2013 | Rating:
I had a terrible experience financing my first home with Anthony J. Mendez (NMLSR ID: 459604) who is a mortgage consultant at this branch of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage in Folsom CA. Anthony promised me a very competitive 30 year mortgage rate and then failed to follow my instructions to lock the rate as soon as my offer was accepted. Anthony waited until the last week of my 45 day closing period to tell me the truth and finally lock my rate. I had to accept a much higher mortgage rate than I could have received at the start. To add further problems, the final underwriting and document printing took so long that house purchase closed escrow late. My Realtor had to work hard to calm down the seller and their Realtor because they thought the bank was hesitating on lending me the cash for the house. I feel the pain of this loan every day now because I am stuck paying thousands of dollars of extra mortgage interest needlessly. I am so blown away at how a large mortgage lender like Wells Fargo with a good re*****tion still has enough loopholes in their system to allow a loan officer to pray on a borrower at will. I went to WF home mortgage because it was my first home purchase and I wanted to get a fair loan process and I was swiftly reminded that I should have done more research on loan officers.
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