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Bait and Switch by
Reviewed April 11, 2018 | Rating:
Here's what they did to me: "bait and switch." I applied for a 30 year fixed rate conventional loan, I was told I was verbally told I had been approved. The confirmation papers came in the mail, I signed them and returned them. Mistake - read the fine print on those papers! They switched me, without any verbal indication at all, to a 5 year balloon mortgage. And the interest rate... was the same!!! If you are thinking of a home loan - these people do not want your business; go elsewhere. As for me, I was stuck with the loan because (a) I wanted the home, and (b) I'd would have lost a couple of thousand to appraisal and other service, (c) not to mention what legal trouble might (possibly) have come from an irate home-seller and buyers agent.
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