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Reviewed February 09, 2013 | Rating:
First, I was a first time home buyer and I had never taken a loan out before so this was a learning experience. I will start by talking about the company,the Mortgage house. They offer rates slightly higher than the lowest you can find. If you are looking for the lowest rate, these are not the guys for you (I found out after the fact). Second, you will pay about $600 more in fees than you should. In the grand scheme of things, they are not the most expensive but they are not the least. In total, I paid $600 more in fees and 0.15% higher in rate than I could have found elsewhere. Of course, I discovered these things after the fact. It pays to shop around and DO NOT TAKE YOUR LENDING AGENTS WORD NO MATTER HOW LONG YOU HAVE KNOWN HIM OR HOW FRIENDLY HE SEEMS. Now, about Steven Kosen, my loan agent. He was very helpful during the loan process, and he closed the loan on time and did a fine job. Very competent. However, after the deal is done and he has been paid he was not helpful at all. I asked him a few weeks after the deal was done if he could explain what the extra fees where for. I asked him for a breakdown of the fees. He refused, and was rude about it. We exchanged a couple angry emails after that, and I apologized for my harsh words but I still wanted that breakdown of costs. HE REFUSED TO HAVE ANY FURTHER COMMUNICATION. He is a skilled agent and a good salesman. Very helpful during the deal, but I think a customer is owed an explanation of what he was charged for, even after the deal. That was his only failing. Other than that he did a fine job. However, his arrogance and rudeness AFTER HE WAS PAID was very disturbing. He was so nice and friendly BEFORE HE WAS PAID. If you need to navigate a difficult loan situation, he can help. He is very competent. However, do not for a minute believe he is as friendly as he seems. It's all salesmanship. If you have good credit and money, you can find a lower rate and better price than he will give you. If you have a not so stellar situation, he can help you but you will pay a little extra.
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