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Tara Abbott

NMLS# 1172652  

Average Rating: 5  [1 Review(s)]
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Current Employer:  Loan Officer FBC Mortgage, LLC [Orange Orlando Florida]

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What a Great Loan Officer! by
Reviewed December 21, 2020 | Rating:
We purchased a townhouse in the Solterra Resort area just outside of Orlando Florida. Going through all the requirements for a mortgage is always a challenge. Thank goodness we had Tara Abbott! We submitted all the required information and documents, but as this was not our first rodeo, we knew the lender would ask for more. Of course we were leaving for an out of country vacation, and Tera tried to anticipate every question and request the ultimate lender would make. This allowed us to try to provide the documents right before or immediately after our vacation (as time was, of course of the essence). Tara was right on the money! Not only did she do a great deal to help us through the process; but her personality and humanness was a key to making the process less painful! FBC Mortgage was great - but because of Tara (not the escrow officer who was the typical soup Nazi!) Without Tara, the process might not have proceeded!! FBC Mortgage is lucky to have her!