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Scott Stinson

NMLS# 319684  

Average Rating: 5  [405 Review(s)]
State(s) Served: FL
Current Employer:  Loan Officer FBC Mortgage, LLC [Orange Orlando Florida]

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Mortgage approval by
Reviewed January 22, 2023 | Rating:
The Stinson team was attentive & relentless. They were professional, organized, and helpful right up to the end.
Awesome buying experience by
Reviewed January 19, 2023 | Rating:
The people at FBC were fantastic through this whole buying process. We got calls and updates regularly. Initially, we decided to pass on the house, and received no pressure from our loan agent. Truly appreciated. Once we changed our minds, they were extremely responsive, knowledgeable and helpful in the process. Would highly recommend FBC to anyone looking to buy or refi their home.
Home loan by
Reviewed October 31, 2022 | Rating:
Great work, we are completely satisfied . Thank you Scott Stinson.
Recent experience by
Reviewed October 31, 2022 | Rating:
Thank you Team Stinson for working efficiently to get us into our new home within 30 days. Well done!
The ONLY choice for Mortgage companies by
Reviewed September 09, 2022 | Rating:
We were completely amazed at the smooth process and constant communications and updates. This was a painless and pleasant experience. Thank you team Scot Stinson!
Amazing team by
Reviewed August 13, 2022 | Rating:
The Stinson team was Amazing team and was very helpful throughout the whole process. Communication was on consistent.
Home purchase. by
Reviewed July 14, 2022 | Rating:
I found the whole process efficient and thorough. I just had a little problem with technology part as I am not so savvy. But I got through alright. All of the representatives I spoke with were helpful and friendly. I other words great interpersonal relationship. Not sure if anything can be done about the speed of the information being sent. It seemed a little overwhelming.
Professional by
Reviewed June 01, 2022 | Rating:
My experience was great. FBC kept me posted on updates and all of my questions with ease. Johnny L was awesome. I highly recommend 👌 this company.
Excellent Service by
Reviewed June 01, 2022 | Rating:
Scott Stinson Team. Great Team Work. They made the process very pleasant and easy. This was my second time using FBC. Always a pleasure.
Above and beyond by
Reviewed May 08, 2022 | Rating:
Great service from my loan office and talk to me when I wanted to quite. The closing went off without any problems.
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