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Sara Skaggs

NMLS# 1618381  

Average Rating: 5  [30 Review(s)]
State(s) Served: FL, SC
Current Employer:  Loan Officer FBC Mortgage, LLC [Orange Orlando Florida]

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Helpful by
Reviewed August 31, 2023 | Rating:
Sara was very friendly and helpful.
Mortgage Lender by
Reviewed May 31, 2023 | Rating:
Sara and Juan helped make our mortgage process easy and with not much stress! A pleasure to work them both.
Excellent by
Reviewed February 27, 2023 | Rating:
Sara and team were extremely helpful and patient throughout the entire process. I could not be more thankful!
Review on Sara Skaggs and FBC Mortgage, LLC by
Reviewed October 28, 2022 | Rating:
From beginning to closing Sara Skaggs was always available to us answering questions in a very timely manner. She was very professional throughout the process.
Great experience by
Reviewed April 29, 2022 | Rating:
Had many loans and refinance over the years and this one was the best experience of all. Everyone was professional and very responsive. They even called me to lock in a good rate before they increased. Very very happy with their service and by the way they are all nice people
Run away by
Reviewed March 15, 2022 | Rating:
Dont bother considering this group in beufort. They messed up and used my weekly salary ad my annual income. Of course ours was declined..and when we told the annual salary was 52x this amount they didnt know how to remedy the problem. My partner and i got approved that day by another bank...who actually knew how to do loans properly.
Process too arduous and lengthly by
Reviewed December 20, 2021 | Rating:
By far the worst lending experience that I have ever had. I have had a mortgage loan in my name for 6 different houses over the span of 26 years with zero default or even a late payment. My salary over the past 3 years has more than doubled and I have zero derogs on my credit however, the requirements for a simply 30 year home loan was by far more than the very first loan I applied for over 25 years ago. I was asked for 4 years of tax returns and pay stubs to match employer issued W2 forms. The list of documents was endless! Then, there is the issue of TOO MANY HANDS IN THE POT! I was handed off to 2 additional people (plus the original person) over the course of the process because people were out of the office and not handling business or communicating with other. This caused a lot of "re-work" on my behalf not to mention the addresses on the application were entered incorrectly and not updated as needed, causing the loan docs to be questioned for not "matching". Thus the legitimacy of my application was questioned due to this processor over-sight. This was completely caused by "too many hands". For these and other smaller issues, I would not be likely to recommend this lender.
Excellent to work with by
Reviewed December 19, 2021 | Rating:
I would like to highly recommend Sara Skaggs for a loan officer. She was very helpful and made our life as easy as possible. She answered all our questions and concerns and I really enjoyed working with her.
Margaritaville Madness by
Reviewed December 17, 2021 | Rating:
To me this was a never ending process. The worst I have ever experienced. I have bought or sold 8 homes and this was my worst experience. Don't know whether to blame COVID or what. Loan was supposed to close in Oct, but due to delays this caused credit issues. I only allowed my credit to be opened for 4 months. Delay went past that. Had to reopen it and send everything back in again. Well over 100 pages. Plus interest rate went up from time we originally talked. They also for some reason listed it as a 2nd home. Never got explanation why. No other mortgage to pay. Now I have to jump thru hoops to get things changed.
Fabulous Experience by
Reviewed August 27, 2021 | Rating:
Sara, and her associate Lisa Singley, were a pleasure to collaborate with on this loan. They kept me in the loop, and made sure I never felt overwhelmed. I would highly recommend both for anyone seeking a loan.
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