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Rosita Lespier

NMLS# 924933  

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Reviewed March 31, 2023 | Rating:
Rosita we want to same thank you for going the extra miles even when we thought this is it you gave us hope and courage. You are truly great at what you do, understanding the details of the loan process and made everything smooth even though we had hiccups. I highly recommend you ROSITA!!! You made it work. Honestly what I love most every time I called you address me by my name so professional. Thank you great job!!
Lesson Learned: Look Elsewhere by
Reviewed March 09, 2023 | Rating:
It felt like I was not getting accurate information. The process was filled with frustration and unanswered emails and questions. Getting ahold of my Loan Officer was a difficult task. Had to constantly call from different phone numbers in order to get response. Unable to leave voicemails because her inbox was full. Multiple unanswered emails that she simply didn’t bother to reference. When questioned about unanswered emails she stated that it was company policy not to provide details over email to customers. Surprised about interest rates given over the phone for rate lock. When questioned about why rates where significantly higher than other lenders, my credit score was 797, her answer was that being a preferred lender for builder meant that customers had to be quoted a “special” rate that was much higher. Was told that only way to bring interest rate down was to bring competing offer from other lender. Completely disappointed with the lack of transparency and communication throughout the process. Since numbers were not shared via email, only through phone, we spent hours going over details which led to her giving us incorrect numbers before realizing that they were from a different customer. Did not feel confident that we were given accurate information at any time.
Excellent job did by Rosita by
Reviewed December 21, 2022 | Rating:
Rosita was helpful and really focused in helping us with the entire processs. Without her it couldn’t be possible
Excelente by
Reviewed August 31, 2022 | Rating:
Personal muy profesional y con la mejor disposición para ayudar al futuro comprador de la vivienda. Demasiado eficiente