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Rob Adams

NMLS# 221357  

Average Rating: 5  [39 Review(s)]
State(s) Served: TX
Current Employer:  Loan Officer FBC Mortgage, LLC [Orange Orlando Florida]
Phone: 210-573-0088

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Outstanding by
Reviewed July 22, 2021 | Rating:
Such a smooth process for my first mortgage I’ve read and have heard the nightmare of paperwork that’s involved when buying a home. But Rob and his team did a outstanding job getting me through the process. What sets them apart is their amazing online interface it’s so easy to upload documents.
Exceptional Service by
Reviewed June 03, 2021 | Rating:
Mr. Rob Adams and his assistant, Kerry, were very professional in their dealings with me. Every step of the loan process, from origination to final approval, was handled promptly, courteously and professional manner.
Excellent customer service by
Reviewed June 02, 2021 | Rating:
I am very happy with the attention from Rob and his team! Thank you
Great Service by
Reviewed June 02, 2021 | Rating:
I had a wonderful experience with FBC. All the employees were helpful and courteous. I did the majority of things online and it was clear and easy to use. I would highly recommend using them!
Very Informative and Helpful Team by
Reviewed May 05, 2021 | Rating:
For a first time home buyer, I never imagined the process to be so stress free. The FBC team was very informative and helpful on every step. Each was very communicative and friendly, and was always there help.
Trusted Advisor by
Reviewed February 13, 2021 | Rating:
Rob and his team at FBC did a great job of keeping us informed with each step of the loan process, understanding the specifics of the rate and the factors that influence it, and the milestone dates. The system and people were very easy to work with, and we were treated professionally and transparently. All in all a great experience and we closed on time!
Very professional service and a team. by
Reviewed January 27, 2021 | Rating:
Just Amazing by
Reviewed January 26, 2021 | Rating:
This is my first time buying a home and this experience was just fantastic. Rob, Andrew, Matt, Cinthia and the whole team just made this process easy and comfortable. They are knowledgeable and very patient. Would definitely recommend!! ... Thank you guys!
Rob Adams /FBC Mortgage by
Reviewed December 25, 2020 | Rating:
Rob Adams and the whole team was fantastic, made the transaction very smooth helping me with all my needs, professional and friendly environment and very competitor.
home buying by
Reviewed December 23, 2020 | Rating:
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