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Riverside |  Riverside |  California

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Reviewed August 02, 2013 | Rating:
Larry did a streamline refinance for me, and he made it so easy. He answered all my questions quickly and completely, sent me paperwork promptly, kept in touch with me through all the waiting times, and helped me with the difficult paperwork. This is the 7th time I've gotten a mortgage or refi, and no other mortgage loan officer has EVER helped me as much as Larry, or stayed in communication as well! I will never use anyone else after finding Larry! The icing on the cake was that AFTER the mortgage was signed and finished, he still kept in touch with me, making sure I got my new bank's payment information, sending me the payment amount, due date, and late date. No other mortgage loan officer has ever made sure I got my payment information! I give Larry my very, very highest recommendation! He's the best loan officer I've ever used!
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