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What a Power of Attorney is for! by
Reviewed May 02, 2017 | Rating:
I was set to close @ 9:30a, my wife got out of the hospital two days ago and was home sick in bed .. I needed a power of attorney(poa)to sign for her. My attorney provided a poa.for the closing of the loan only. The person @ remn ask "why there was a poa for the wife?" Person @ remn required me to sign letter stating wife was in bed and best not to attend.The person @ remn then stated she needed copy of wifes discharge papers from the hospital and statement from doctor stating she should not attend(somehow the requirement for the doctor statement went away once she recieved the discharge papers).The remn person then required my wife sign the letter(this was later in the afternoon). My wife is 30 miles away, sick in bed, but after 30 minutes of trying to get the letter for her to sign, she signed and returned the letter to my attorney This went back and forth for SEVEN hours. I signed the last loan paper @ 4:30p THIS IS A CLASSIC CASE OF GIVING SOMEONE A LITTLE POWER AND THEM TAKING IT TO THE MAX. A poa is just that - power to sign for someone else.Every time the remn person made another requirement , we fulfilled it, then there was another and another .What my wife's medical condition, discharge papers from the hospital and doctors statement has nothing to do with anything and is beyond me and ALL who worked @ the attorneys office. All said they had never seen a rodeo like this in their career.
Couldn't have gotten my home without Ron's help! by
Reviewed July 28, 2013 | Rating:
We just purchased our primary residence using Mr. Schwartz for our loan. We initially tried using a local lender but they didn't quite understand our current living situation and considered this house as investment property (i.e., a higher rate). When I spoke to Ron, he immediately understood the situation and made sure our loan was setup correctly. We ran into further headaches when the seller's of our house made the sale very difficult. Ron was a great person for me to call and discuss the situation and he was very understanding. Ron also worked as our advocate when dealing with the underwriters to make sure that our loan would happen. I highly recommend Ron and I can honestly say that without his guidance and expertise, we wouldn't have our home.
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