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Reviewed July 01, 2016 | Rating:
We dealt with leah Quigley and Renee Pitrelli, in the last week we were helped by Rick Shrum and eventually by their boss in VA Ron. Stay away if you want to buy a house, they cost us a closing a week before the due date. I will let you imagine the consequences the least of which was that we lost $3,500. We have never been treated more poorly and with less professionalism. It was a humiliating experience from start to finish. They are incompetent and careless, they would not reply to our messages for days and days only to blast us with a list of long documents when they felt like it. They are unprofessional, they don't understand the ins and outs of how a self employed person operates and failed to explain the basics of what we had to do. A broker is the buffer between you and the underwriter. They just failed to do that.They kept asking for more and more documents all the time and changing their story constantly. You never know what they may want next. I design bags not apply for mortgages for a living. Rick Shrum, their boss tried to sort it out last minute but did not manage feigning friendliness but siding with the two women who messed this up the most. Stay away if you actually want to buy a house.
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