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Penalties for their Negligence by
Reviewed January 16, 2020 | Rating:
My husband and I had our loan bought by PennyMac 4 years ago when we built new. We never had any issues until we refinanced in November. We refinanced with PennyMac to get a lower interest rate. For the previous four years all escrow bills were paid in a timely manner, including the property tax bills without us ever having to transmit any bills to them. In January, I have just received a delinquent property tax bill that was due 12/5/2019 with a $240 penalty and interest assessment because the escrow did not pay. I called in today and was told that they do not receive property tax bills and at the beginning of the year it is my responsibility to communicate any changes in the bill; however, I had never called previously and the bills were always paid. The agent at PennyMac made it seem like he was doing me a favor to pay the bill with my money that I paid them in escrow. They could not help me with the penalty, either by covering it, or by negotiating with the county on my behalf since they were the ones that did not pay it. He didn't seem to care that he would not get future refinance or business from me. The loan officer listed above was not involved in this recent discourse as we refied a few months back. Everything went smoothly with the refi, except for the fact that a refi within the same organization should not result in my having to make sure they transferred escrow information effectively.
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