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Patty Newby

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Current Employer:  Loan Officer Patty Newby - theLoanDesigners -Thrive Mortgage a Lower Company [Collin Frisco Texas]

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Lies, Threats, Harassment, Incompetence by
Reviewed April 23, 2024 | Rating:
STAY AWAY! We used Patty Newby to get a short term loan, the basic terms being that we had 6 months to refinance it (or pay it off). We purchased our new home, then put our other home on the market. When we weren't getting buyers or interest in our old home, we needed to find a way to refinance the loan. Asked Thrive for quotes on down payments, they gave us numbers that turned out to be WAY off-saying we needed 40% down. When I asked why, I was advised by Patty Newby to just "pay off my car" (??). We decided to unlist our property to sell it ourselves to an investor. The same day, I received a call from Patty Newby- stating that our house "can't be off the market", & she told me “You have 24 hours to get the house on the market or I will report you". I asked her for our contract so I could understand my rights. For 4 days, I received threatening emails, and calls daily from Patty Newby harassing me to get my house back on the market. After reviewing the contact-it turned out- there was NOTHING in the contract surrounding a requirement that our old home be on the market, or even that we sell it at all. I questioned Patty on this, and she responded with "oh yea, you're on the old paperwork, so its fine". No apologies from her after 4 days of constant demands and threats! The threats and demands made by Patty Newby (that were all based on a lie) created extreme distress for us and caused delays in us selling our home since we were in fear. Because of the threats, the lies, +Thrive giving us incorrect numbers several times, we needed to end our business with them. We used another lender to settle the loan without issue. Patty is HIGHLY incompetent! It is unbelievable that a mortgage company would threaten a customer the way she threatened and harassed us - the threats were based on lies or ignorance. Steer Clear of this business!