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Nick Dokken


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Current Employer:  Loan Officer Guaranteed Rate [Maricopa Scottsdale Arizona]

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Reviewed May 05, 2021 | Rating:
The process was tiring and draining. We started the process in January and somehow had to keep delaying closing up until the last minute in May. Everyone at GR that was working on my loan was very unprofessional up to the point where they would screen my calls and never respond to my emails. If I did not keep calling, emailing and nagging, I 100% know for a fact that we would not have closed before our note expired. GR employees needs better communication with one another because when I did get and email or call, it would be to ask the same questions over and over again whether from the LC or MC or SA which shows that they are wasting time and not working together. From beginning to end, Guaranteed Rat made sure to make each step of the process harder and harder to the point where even trying to close was like pulling teeth. Overall this loan was a whole mess, GR needs to have better communication among its employees and I would not wish this terrible experience on my worst enemy.