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Nicholas Furbee

NMLS# 1405442  

Average Rating: 5  [11 Review(s)]
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Current Employer:  Loan Officer FBC Mortgage, LLC [Orange Orlando Florida]
Phone: 407-872-3383

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FBC Rocks! by
Reviewed June 20, 2022 | Rating:
I’ve purchased many homes in my life and I’m extremely proud to say that all members on my loan team at FBC provided me with the best home buying experience of my life. Nicholas and team were prompt, smart, courteous, and defined professionalism. They closed my loan around a month after application but was able and ready to close the loan within weeks of application. Truly amazing and I appreciate the experience.
Amazing Service by
Reviewed June 16, 2022 | Rating:
I have purchased several properties and this team at FBC is by far the greatest I have worked with. They communicated and completely made me comfortable throughout the process. I would highly recommend them to friends and family.
N/A by
Reviewed April 05, 2022 | Rating:
Did understand question
Excellent Service by
Reviewed December 15, 2021 | Rating:
We were very satisfied and received great service from the FBC. The rate was low and the process was streamlined.
Smooth Experience by
Reviewed December 02, 2021 | Rating:
It was a pleasure working with Nicholas. He responds quickly to issues and takes time to break down complex processes.
There is no better lender! by
Reviewed June 16, 2021 | Rating:
I finally was convinced that Florida was where we wanted to retire. I tried the first mortgage company and she was completely worthless to me. Could not help with anything, busy with family....the excuses! Thank GOD we found Nickolas! We got qualified for what we wanted and when we found our we went! The seller wanted out asap (now) - estimated by June 17th - Nick and his crew worked hard to get the papers shuffled and out the door - now, I had to stay on top of it and send them back what they wanted timely...we closed June 4th! I could not ask for a more friendly, knowledgeable team! I trust them completely and would absolutely recommend them. They ROCK! We are so very happy!
Fantastic Loan Officer and experience! by
Reviewed June 17, 2020 | Rating:
I secured a VA Mortgage thru FBC and must say the entire process from beginning to end was professional, painless, and a welcome proposition in terms of the finance rate obtained. Sure there are other "big name online lenders" but those companies very often do NOT offer the customer the best finance rates available; that's why it's critical to shop around and compare organizations.
Excellent Service by
Reviewed April 08, 2020 | Rating:
All mortgage team members were extremely helpful and patient and totally knowledgeable.. They went out of their way to answer all our questions even on weekends. We recommend them to all.
First aTime Homeowner by
Reviewed April 09, 2018 | Rating:
Nick Furbee at FBC Mortgage was the perfect lender for imperfect situation.This was my first time purchasing a home and I didn’t what to expect, Nick guided me down the path of homeownership with intergrity and honesty, thanks Nick the best underwriter for the underdog!
Awesome and Flawless Execution of the loan. by
Reviewed December 21, 2017 | Rating:
I was very worried when looking for a new home loan since this will be my first home purchase. I research with multiple angle on what can go wrong when buy a home and found that having a good realtor and a case loan office is the key to successful process. Mr. Furbee help and guided us on what need to do and what paper work wee needed each step in order for the loan to proceed into the next step. He returned all the phoned call within the same day with the correct information without any drama. Very accurate and precise on everything he does with our loan. If in the future looking to buy another home, Nicholas Furbee will be the person I will be looking to handle my loan affair. Thank you.
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