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Reviewed January 16, 2019 | Rating:
We could not get a FHA loan for the house we had building because of credit issues. Karen Solgard instead of giving us a denial letter so we could get our $5,000 deposit back, she offered us a loan that we could not afford. 10% down on an FHA with an interest rate of 9+ and a monthly payment of $2000 for a house that cost $248,000. She told us she could not issue a denial letter because our paper work never got to underwriter and she did not have access to a denial form. Mind you she was also an underwriter herself. So the builder now does not want to return our deposit. We are a 54+ year old couple trying to make a living and everywhere we turn and everyone we talk too we get taken advantage off and we end up always loosing. We are tired of dealing with people and company that the only thing they want is profit for themselves. Don’t know who to trust anymore.
The Best! by
Reviewed October 02, 2015 | Rating:
Karen is the BEST. She was on top of everything all the time. Efficient doesn't even begin to describe Karen. The entire process was smooth and hassle free. If it weren't for Karen the closing may have not happened. She pulled it all together for us. Went above and beyond what was hers to do. If I ever buy another house again I will definitely be calling Karen.
AMAZING to work with!! by
Reviewed June 26, 2014 | Rating:
This was my first home purchase, and I was intimidated, unsure and worried about a million things. Karen was reassuring, confident, helpful, responsive, easygoing and always positive. It was a tedious process (fixing various credit issues; getting documents together, etc.) and Karen was a pleasure to deal with. Not just once or twice, but ALL the time. Despite my frustrations, Karen kept her cool and made the process easier to get through. She epitomizes professionalism, class, and intelligence. My husband worked in real estate for five years, and was thoroughly impressed with Karen's proficiency and knowledge about all aspects of our deal. She came recommended by the real estate broker and I could not have been happier. She coordinated her efforts with my realtor and the process was smooth, each time. We looked at so many houses (and made offers on a few) and Karen stood by us each step of the way. Her effort and determination wasn't just on the first deal or the second, but on EACH one. That really impressed me because she never got frustrated, and treated each transaction as if it was the most important one. Because she understood how important it was to me. If you are ever looking at property (residential or commercial) in Southwest Florida, I would HIGHLY recommend Karen Solgard. Top notch!!
Reviewed May 15, 2014 | Rating:
I cannot begin to say what a great help Karen Solgard was to me during the stressful process of procuring a mortgage this past winter. Karen was always available to me for any questions or concerns, always most patient explaining things to me, and a master at keeping me from being totally worried over this. Karen walked me through the entire ordeal and I was impressed with her willingness to help and her kindness in all things, She is a brilliant woman and a master of information in her field. Karen is the quintesential professional and I am most lucky in having her help me obtain my Florida piece of paradise.
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