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Maria Marquis

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Average Rating: 5  [22 Review(s)]
State(s) Served: NC, SC, VA
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Reviewed October 02, 2019 | Rating:
This was my third time working with Maria. The first two times I worked with Maria were excellent. This time I felt that she was too busy to provide the same level of service. Our closing date had to be pushed due to FBC not having paperwork complete and our closing disclosure documents changed up until the morning of the closing. This was not a very pleasant experience.
Fees waived! by
Reviewed October 02, 2019 | Rating:
We were pleasantly surprised with many closing costs being waived because our original loan with FBC did not get sold. Keeping our mortgage in-house saved us money up front and now we are saving monthly. Thanks, Maria, for reaching out when we were eligible for a refi.
Refinance 5 Stars by
Reviewed September 25, 2019 | Rating:
Above and beyond support from Maria - this is the 3rd time we have used Maria -and she excels in what she does. She is knowledgeable, experienced, and 100% responsive every time. I loved that we received timely updates with videos to describe what was happening.
Run! by
Reviewed August 30, 2019 | Rating:
In the beginning, everything was nice. Got pre approved quickly. Communication was good. Everything goes down hill the second you put in an offer on a home. Paperwork nightmare because they keep asking for the same thing over and over despite you sending it and uploading to the portal multiple times. Hard to get a response in a reasonable time frame. Waited until last minute to say we needed yet another inspection on top of the 2 already done. Mind you this house was in near perfect condition and barely 10 yrs old. Once it made it to the underwriters desk.... more lost paperwork, numbers were all wrong, and didn’t count everything we already paid out of pocket. Didn’t bother sending the final packet over to lawyers office until almost 5pm the day before closing. They lawyers office they chose is just as bad as they are. Despite signing papers and paying everything..... the closer and the lawyers office both screwed up the paperwork and we didn’t get the keys until 5 days later. They blamed the lawyers office and the lawyers office blamed them. Neither of them got their act together in time for it to be recorded with the register of deeds before 5pm. Therefore the keys were held hostage. Neither party cared we were left homeless during this time( our lease was up the next day). To sum up this experience..... never ever deal with this company. They lie, their communication time frame and customer service in general are horrendous once you go under contract. They lose your paperwork again and again. They don’t communicate well with you, your agent, or the lawyer. They were rude to our agent trying to blame him for their mistakes. Misspelled my name wrong several times. I bet we signed 6 different contracts cause there was always something wrong on it. We chose them because they appeared to have a five star rating. Someone somewhere is padding the ratings cause they are zero stars.
Top shelf loan officer by
Reviewed July 24, 2019 | Rating:
It was our pleasure to work with Ms Maria Marquis and FBC for the 2nd time. She is top shelf and I am sure a huge asset to FBC.
Reliable and professional by
Reviewed May 16, 2019 | Rating:
Maria Marquis at FBC made my process so easy and even with last minute changes she was able to provide guidance and get the job done! She was always helpful and able to answer questions whenever I needed her.
What a pleasure by
Reviewed April 10, 2019 | Rating:
What a tremendous pleasure to work with Maria Marquis. She's professional and knowledgeable about every step of the process. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again.
Great experience! by
Reviewed July 02, 2018 | Rating:
Maria and her team were great for our first time buyer experience! I was worried it would be hard to get everything together and have a smooth closing but she did a great job explaining everything we needed and the whole process was easy!
Best Lender I Have Ever Worked With by [Other]
Reviewed June 27, 2018 | Rating:
Real Estate Professional
As an extremely experienced real estate investor; hands down, Maria Marquis and Laura Anderson are the best team I have ever worked with! They are both extremely organized, thorough, and professional. Maria's loan estimate beat multiple other lenders' best offers by % APR and closing costs while their teamwork and organization skills allowed us to close my investment property purchase in only 13 business days! I HIGHLY recommend both of these ladies as a dream team to close any property you are buying.
Great Work by
Reviewed June 27, 2018 | Rating:
Great work getting us into the rental property in 2 weeks!
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