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Nightmare! by
Reviewed February 27, 2017 | Rating:
I recently lost both parents and an in-law, all within 16-months of each other, each in different States; needless to say that my emotions and stress levels were already over-the-top-crazy. I trusted Flo and went out of my way to give her my business because I thought that she was a solid Christian who I had entrusted with my personal information back in October 2016. Even though there were red flags (some of which were illegal), I continued with the consumer/lender relationship. The avoided phone calls, lost paperwork, overrunning of my credit report, speaking to me in a tone suggesting that she was doing me a favor and 3-missed closing dates within a two-month period made me a complete irrational basket case and I was on the brink of insanity. When I had reached my tipping point and ran a laundry list of the damage caused, she was in complete denial. When I mentioned that I kept every email, text and recorded phone conversation, she refused to respond to me entirely. -- This lender caused SIGNIFICANT financial harm to me by failing to fulfil a promise to close on or before December 31st. The financial impact was also felt by my realtor and the builder who made an exception for me to use Flo over their preferred lender based on Flo’s promise to have me into my home before Christmas 2016. My 12-year-old daughter suffered emotional damage whereas we were in-fact “homeless” living out of suitcases for 2-months while waiting for Flo to return calls and begin processing our loan, which she began six days before Christmas. Excuses and false promises were plentiful as my unprotected personal data transmitted across the internet; the request to have my pre-paid home appraisal transferred to the builder’s preferred lender was ignored for 8-days. – Nevertheless, God is good! The preferred lender gave me a better deal and closed in less than 15-days (probably would have been sooner without the file transfer delay). -- I usually don’t like to give negative reviews however, I really wish that someone had warned me. I would be in a better financial position today! Once again, significant financial losses of over $25,000 [all players combined], has caused me to post this review. Unless you [and your real estate representatives] have cash to throw away, don’t take a chance; use a lender/officer that will lock in the best rates, has reasonable fees AND a re*****tion that will match the principal and interest of your long-term loan!
The worst lender I have ever worked with by [Realtor]
Reviewed January 06, 2017 | Rating:
Real Estate Professional
I've had to work with Flo Hurley on two separate occasions and both experiences were the worst in my 11 years of being a Realtor. Her communication, or lack thereof, is deplorable. She does not follow through with what she says she is going to do. She doesn't know the basic UW requirements for loans that should be common knowledge that any loan officer should know. She should not be a loan officer, much less a branch manager for the Orlando location. Do your customer a favor and do not use/refer her at all costs!
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