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Kevin Young

NMLS# 1577520  

Average Rating: 5  [97 Review(s)]
State(s) Served: FL, IN, KY
Current Employer:  Loan Officer FBC Mortgage, LLC [Orange Orlando Florida]

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Don’t know by
Reviewed April 29, 2022 | Rating:
Average experience by
Reviewed December 22, 2021 | Rating:
A lot of e-mail communication that is vague. That ends up requiring me to chase down complete answers. Multiple request for the same documents. I think I sent my pay record 3-4 times, and bank records for the same month twice. I informed them that I’d be paying $203K at vlosing with a $57K final loan. They did it at $200K and a final $60K loan. Then at closing they had it at $194 & 60. I told them the number weren’t right. They checked and said that they were correct. The next day they called and said I owed them another $6000, and that they’d made a mistake. I had to take and hour off work plus my lunch hour to deliver newly signed and corrected documents as well as spend another $20 to wire more money because they refused s check or cash. My time and my losses and expenses to correct a mistake that I called out at the start. No apology no reimbursement/ compensation.
trevor wilson by
Reviewed September 10, 2021 | Rating:
kevin was great to work with. he was very helpful with all my questions and concerns. I would use the team again for my future needs!!
Astonishing by
Reviewed September 01, 2021 | Rating:
Kevin and his team were able to perform an astonishing job my wife and I were able to get our dream home in the matter of time specified by the lender and we are very pleased with all the help Kevin and his team were able to due for us.
Not sure what this is by
Reviewed July 21, 2021 | Rating:
Kevin was great! He answered my questions immediately and helped with anything I needed.
Great experience by
Reviewed June 17, 2021 | Rating:
Kevin was very helpful and explained everything perfectly
Verifying information by
Reviewed May 12, 2021 | Rating:
The loan team with Kevin Young was very personal. I was given a direct number to call and text to get him. Unfortunately our loan fell thru on the day of closing due to them not verifying information about our previous home prior to the day of closing. To their benefit, they did everything they could to get it fixed, but it didn't happen. They had to start the whole process over and apply for a different loan. It pushed us back 2 weeks and it was a ROUGH two weeks. The loan finally got approved and we are now in our dream home, but because they didn't verify the information from the get go, we now have a higher payment than what we had discussed (because we had to get a different loan). Also, after signing, the title company called and stated that we have to go back and sign addended paperwork because FBC didn't go thru all the paperwork fully and change the wording from the old loan to the new loan. Kevin was so nice, I'm just glad it worked out.
VA Mortgage by
Reviewed April 01, 2021 | Rating:
Kevin of FBC assisted me with my very first mortgage. He helped me from beginning to end and was able to make this a smooth and easy process. Thank you Kevin and FBC!
Kevin Young by
Reviewed March 09, 2021 | Rating:
This is our 2nd loan approval process with FBC and Kevin Young. Our experience has been excellent and I would recommend Kevin to anyone.
Refinance by
Reviewed March 05, 2021 | Rating:
Everyone we spoke to was great. Our refinance process was extremely easy and simple.
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