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Reviewed January 28, 2021 | Rating:
Run away from this Mortgage Lender as fast as you can. More importantly, stay away from this Loan Officer: Juan Lopez. He is a dishonest, unprofessional, unorganized, and conniving *****. If you are in the market as a homebuyer, I’d recommend staying away from this nut job. If you are a home seller, ask your potential homebuyer which Mortgage provider they are using. If it is Great Mortgage from Aurora, with Juan Lopez as the Loan Officer, refuse to sell your house, or kindly request the homebuyer to choose another Lender. If you do not heed my warnings, read my experience and judge for yourself: My husband and I were expecting to close on our home on Dec 28th. Because the Buyer did not yet receive her clear to close due to a delay on the appraisal, we granted her extension request to close on the Dec 30th. Rightfully so, we moved out of our house and into an Extended Stay on Dec 26th. Dec 28th came and no appraisal. None on the 29th and radio silence from the Loan Officer. On Dec 30th the expected closing date, the buyer’s attorney requested for another extension for January 4th CTC and closing on January 6th. Why would they request for those days when the appraisal has not even been ordered yet? It just so happens that the actual order for the appraisal was given on January 6th and it was finally conducted on January 7th. Our agent figured this out when she saw the “rush request” on the Appraisers paperwork. This meant that Mr. Lopez lied to our attorney and real estate agent. He initially stated that the Buyer had already paid for the appraisal back in Dec 21st. This also meant that he delayed the request for an appraisal on our property in a timely manner, which caused our closing date to be pushed back. We were seriously considering on pulling out but gave him the benefit of the doubt and that we’d be able to close on our current home in reasonable time frame. That did not happen. Even after the appraisal was done, and we agreed to extend closing on January 15th, it was radio silence on the Lender’s end. Leading up to January 15th- nothing. No reasons provided on why the Buyer has not yet received CTC and no status on the appraisal. It was not until we threatened to walk out was when he decided to communicate. So, another extension request, this time for January 21st. We have had to push the closing date five times. That’s right: five times. This caused undue stress, financial strain, and sleepless nights. During the times our attorney and real estate agent pressed for updates from Juan Lopez, he responded with an “I-don’t-care-attitude,” and at one point told my real estate agent, “Don’t tell me how to do my job. Why don’t you just go ahead and kill the deal.” On the fourth extension request, we have had it and were ready to pull out. No CTC and no closing. We were livid. That morning, we informed our attorney to pull out. Four weeks pass the initial closing date, at that point, we no longer cared to sell our home and just wanted to break away from the stress and the financial headaches this man caused us due to his delay tactics. The Buyer had to plead for us to stay the course via her attorney’s paralegal. Hence, the fifth extension request. If he cannot keep his word this time around, we walk away. Great Mortgage’s Juan Lopez was extremely rude both to my real estate agent and my attorney’s paralegals. He refused to return our agent and attorneys calls or answers their emails. And his emails? Great job on butchering your grammar, Juan. Something is amiss in his character. I feel that this man is conducting business for nefarious reasons. We financially bled because of his doing (staying at an extended stay is not cheap. We basically paid three mortgages in the month of January). Whether it is done with good intentions to help buy time for the Buyer to straighten his/her financial health out or to build more funds, we feel that he intentionally delayed the appraisal and providing additional documents to underwriting. What concerns us is that he may be pushing a sub-par Borrower through underwriting at the expense of the home seller. Namely, us. Why else would he delay paperwork to the underwriter once the appraisal is complete or provide vague reasons as to why the process is delayed? He probably thought that my husband and I were born yesterday and that we don’t know the difference between an honest professional and a con. This is what he is good for: extension after extension after extension. He was just throwing dates out there and making deadlines that he knew were unfeasible to meet. His dishonesty is sickening. I cannot emphasize this enough. Please stay away from him and this entire Mortgage firm altogether. I would not wish this type of stress on anybody, even on my worst enemies.
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