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Community Bank and Trust of Florida

Marion |  Ocala |  Florida

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Reviewed December 28, 2016 | Rating:
Kathy was extremely helpful in assisting with the mortgage of the property and couldn't have been any better. However, it was a little outrageous of everything the underwriter was asking for. During the time between putting a contract on my property and closing, my new company put me up at a hotel for the 5 weeks. The underwriter needed to know what it was costing. How was this pertaining to my financial situation when it was not coming out of my pocket or affecting my financial situation? The underwriter also asked for another credit check a couple of days prior to the closing. Because so many credit checks had been done, my credit had dropped a couple of points. Unfortunately, these couple of points cost me a couple thousand extra dollars in discount points. This just put a damper on what could have been a really great experience.
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