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Bryan Royal

NMLS# 516492  

Average Rating: 5  [24 Review(s)]
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Current Employer:  Loan Officer
Phone: 407-872-3383

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Excellent by
Reviewed November 03, 2016 | Rating:
Professional and very knowledgeable. I will highly recommend them to any of my family or friends.
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Reviewed October 01, 2016 | Rating:
My lender wasn't great at responding to emails. Especially after we closed. I asked a question about a charge that came out of my account half a dozen times and no response. I finally emailed another person from the office that I had contact with to see if she would respond. She did and I thanked her for her response. Bryan couldn't bother to respond to me but he was quick to thank her as well. Why couldn't he respond to my question that quickly?
Easy To Work With by
Reviewed September 29, 2016 | Rating:
It was great to work with Bryan and his team. They handled all the necessary paperwork, (there was a lot, VA) but they made it easy. Thank you guys.
RE-FI by
Reviewed September 14, 2016 | Rating:
The loan process went very smooth and the turn around time from start to closing, was quick. A special thanks to Brian Royal for keeping us well informed throughout the process.
Amazing by
Reviewed September 08, 2016 | Rating:
They did a great job in breaking down everything for us and being patient with us
Great Service! by
Reviewed September 02, 2016 | Rating:
We had an excellent experience with FBC mortgage. They were very helpful in making sure all paperwork was completed quickly and properly. It was also easy to contact the office and get quick responses. They were all very friendly and spent time answering all our questions without rushing us. We highly recommend them!
Gable lane by
Reviewed April 06, 2016 | Rating:
Fantastic Experience and Professionalism by
Reviewed April 06, 2016 | Rating:
I was a Loan Officer at one point in my life, and I can say with confidence that he is the most attentive and knowledgeable Loan Officer I have ever come across. He came highly recommended and I wasn't disappointed! His assistants/processors are great and timely as well. I will recommend FBC and specifically Bryan Royal for any mortgage related needs in the future.
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Reviewed March 30, 2016 | Rating:
Mortgage Loan
8911 Devonshire by
Reviewed February 03, 2016 | Rating:
Very smooth transaction
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