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Bradley Jones

NMLS# 2128752  

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Current Employer:  Loan Officer Homeowners Mortgage [ Simpsonville SouthCarolina]

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Mortgage Testimonial by
Reviewed April 07, 2024 | Rating:
Brad was very courteous and professional, providing clear explanations of the terms and conditions of all of the paperwork. He was patient and made certain that our interests were protected during the whole process. All actions requiring his follow-up and intervention were handled. We are quite pleased with his performance, and the overall experience
Amateur Hour by
Reviewed July 13, 2023 | Rating:
Have you ever worked with a company where every time seems like it must be their first time? That's this lender. Everything was fine enough with the loan officer, who seemed like he knew what he was doing (other than not including my wife's income at his recommendation, which caused much of the later frustration). Once it got to loan processing, oh boy, did it get annoying. -Despite being the preferred lender for the largest builder in Sumter, who must sell 2/3rds of their homes to military, exactly zero knowledge of any military specific personal circumstances. -Terrible communication skills. I had to fill out the same stupid form 3 times, with probably a dozen back and forths, before getting to closing and doing it, again, in front of the attorney. Infuriating. Not only could they not provide clear instructions, but it was pointless duplication of effort anyways. Just one example. There were several. -At least one instance of unprofessional communication (complaining about me to my realtor). The others in mind are borderline, but I guess a 300k loan doesn't merit email etiquette. -Have you taken out a loan before? What about a mortgage? What if the answer is yes and several to both like it is for me? Be prepared for this company to materialize new hoops for you to jump through, and ask you questions you've never heard from a lender before. Borderline insulting ones. Like I said. I've been through many loans, this was my third mortgage, and I experienced nothing like it with any other lender.
Excellent customer service by
Reviewed June 09, 2023 | Rating:
It was my pleasure working from start to finish with Brad. He from the very beginning was diligent in getting my loan started and processed. There was never a time that he didn't keep me updated at each step of my process and was always supportive in helping me get everything that I needed to get my approval. He explained in detail each step and what I needed to expect with such patience and professionalism. I could not have asked for a better loan officer to purchase my home. I will be forever grateful and blessed to have had him during this experience.
Great service! by
Reviewed May 27, 2023 | Rating:
Brad was outstanding! We are moving from California and 3 hours behind. Brad was able to effectively communicate with this time difference. He helped us from the start all the way to the closing table! He was patient and honest with us the whole way through.
Best experience by
Reviewed May 06, 2023 | Rating:
Best loan experience I've ever had (I'm 72)! Excellent communication and service.
Great overall experience by
Reviewed May 02, 2023 | Rating:
It was a pleasure to work with Brad. He kept an open line of communication and kept me updated throughout the process which was much appreciated.
Wonderful Customer Service by
Reviewed April 04, 2023 | Rating:
Brad Jones and his team were wonderful to work with. They were very informative and helpful for this first time homebuyer. They all dealt with our jitters, questions and nerves! The Borrowers Portal was easy to use to upload documents needed. We received and excellent rate and would use Homeowners Mortgage again!
Thank you by
Reviewed March 18, 2023 | Rating:
Everyone was very patient with me. Brad was able to answer all my questions I had throughout this process.
Review of my experience by
Reviewed February 03, 2023 | Rating:
Brad was very supportive and always on time with everything such as answering phone calls, returning calls, and giving updates with the process.