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Current Employer:  Loan Officer The Mortgage Calculator Company [ Miami Lakes Florida]

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Reviewed January 18, 2024 | Rating:
Worst company ever to work with. Bill had ZERO clue what he was doing, rarely communicated, it would take 2-3 messages to even get a return text/email. We received an email at almost 9pm at night telling us that we would be receiving documents hopefully by 10pm that needed to be signed and returned by midnight. We get up at 430am for work-I told Bill this and asked that the documents be sent ASAP. We received the documents via email at 1159pm. Set a closing date only to be emailed less than 24hours prior being told that the loan was still in underwriting so the closing would need to be moved. Also told that due to the closing not being ready that we would need to sign a rate lock extension (to the tune of over $700 that was not disclosed) even though current rates were 0.5% LOWER than our locked in rate. When questioned why things had not made it through underwriting Bill responded "because of Christmas and New Years". Turns out that Bill had not turned the appropriate paperwork in on time. I requested that Bill's direct supervisor call me and never received a phone call. I was told by someone else within the company that Bill's direct supervisor (Jose I believe) did not feel that a phone call from management would do anything so he was not calling us. This week we received a phone call from a woman claiming to be a manager that asked what they could do to help close our loan. Turns out this woman was not a manager but in fact another loan processor calling for Bill to see if they could get us to close the loan with them. We went with another mortgage company. The Mortgage Calculator Company is a horrible company that does not have the best interest of their customers in mind. Dealing with them has been a nightmare!