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Benjamin Navarre

NMLS# 909628  

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Great Customer Service by
Reviewed December 14, 2021 | Rating:
My loan process was simple, fast and easy! Ben Navarre is an exceptional loan officer! He answered numerous questions with great background knowledge and patience. He also explained the process thoroughly and kept me informed every step of the way.
Highly Recommend FBC by
Reviewed July 29, 2021 | Rating:
I wasn't sure I even wanted to refi. Would I get a decent rate? Would it take too long and require too many hoops to jump through. FBC simplified the process, responded quickly, gave me an excellent rate, and provided good advice every step of the way. I highly reccommend FBC if you are considering a refi.
Great Service by
Reviewed May 05, 2021 | Rating:
Ben Navarre and his team were very pleasant and helpful throughout the entire process. Ben always responded quickly to all my questions and kept me informed of each step. This was our second time of doing business with FBC Mortgage. This is a company I really trust.
Outstanding Professionalism and Knowledge by
Reviewed April 14, 2021 | Rating:
Working with Benjamin Navarre was effortless. His professionalism speaks volumes for the FBC hiring managers and Brand. He was attentive, direct, friendly demeanor while always available to answer all questions, even while on vacation. If I called and it went to voice mail his response time was within 10 - 15 minutes. Via email was even quicker. I was thoroughly impressed by the professionalism and of course the low rate. Was the rate the lowest no but Ben's ability to impart knowledge, direct conversations, professionalism was hands down the deciding factor I could trust and why I continue to use FBC. Since my first loan and refinancing, FBC has proven when all things considered the one to continue to do business with because of people like Ben. The loan process was fluid and easy to execute from the initial quote to completion. The loan processing Team (Ashlea Lapre, Courtney Jimenez, Alex Hines) also displayed identical traits and deserves the same praise as Ben. Great Team!
Refinance loan process was seamless by
Reviewed March 24, 2021 | Rating:
This was our second experience with FBC Mortgage and it was another very positive one. FBC handled our original loan and then our refinance about 3 years later. Benjamin was professional and well versed in the process. We had excellent communication along the way, very responsive, and we were able to close very quickly with no surprises. I would definitely recommend this team!
VA Refinance by
Reviewed March 06, 2021 | Rating:
Worked a VA refinance with Ben Navarre - he made the process easy and was a super person to work with on the loan. He kept me informed of the steps along the way and looked for the lowest interest rate to meet my needs.
Great dependable company by
Reviewed March 05, 2021 | Rating:
FBC has been wonderful from our very first purchase with them. They really want to do business and it shows. Because of our great experience the first time around we refinanced our mortgage with FBC and again they were with us every step of the way. Great job Matt Andre with our initial home purchase and Benjamin Navarre with our refi
Refinance by
Reviewed January 28, 2021 | Rating:
Refinance by
Reviewed November 23, 2020 | Rating:
It was a super easy process to refinance. Now I have a lower interest rate and shorter term while still paying the same each month!
Efficient by
Reviewed November 07, 2020 | Rating:
I’ve had a pleasant experience refinancing my home. My Loan officer was patient and flexible in making this deal a success. The team made the process easy and stress free.
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