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Amerihome is a Mess by
Reviewed November 09, 2021 | Rating:
I recently refinanced my home loan with an independent local broker, and my loan was sold to AmeriHome Mortgage. I'm now wondering if I should immediately refinance again with my former lender, PennyMac, if only because of the mess that is AmeriHome. I'm pretty sure they've messed up everything (including the monthly payment and escrow balance), in the two short months my loan has been with them. Last week I called because my monthly payment had inexplicably changed by twenty cents. I ended up talking to an AmeriHome "elevation supervisor" who told me that she wasn't surprised "because a lot of mistakes happen when a mortgage is transferred." I told her that simple things like changing the escrow balance and monthly payment amount are more than "mistakes." And when I shared that I was frustrated that they weren't fixed after I noticed the mistakes in my initial statement, she the only way I can be confident that AmeriHome will address an issue is by putting it in writing, and then making sure I follow up. Her sage advice turned out to be true when I had to call this week to make sure the receipts for payment of my homeowners' insurance (that were sent on two occasions weeks before) were actually recorded in their system (they weren't). The customer service representative I talked to today said--"between you and me"--that they've hired 700 new employees during COVID and haven't done a good job training them. As if needed to hear that since I'm stuck with this awful company. Finally, their website is awful (compared to PennyMac). Nothing is obvious or logical. Bottom line is that I'll never refinance with an independent broker knowing that my loan could possibly be transferred to AmeriHome.
Refinance lie by
Reviewed May 21, 2020 | Rating:
I purchased a home while going through a divorce, Christopher was aware of my situation, told me it was “no big deal, but guess what after running a hard check on my credit it was a big deal. These people have deceived and lied to me. I have made every single payment on time, paid some extra on the mortgage, only to be lied to. I take pride in having a high credit score and did not like the way I was treated. This person is not competent! Beware
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