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Alfredo Rodriguez

NMLS# 325514  

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Current Employer:  Loan Officer American Portfolio Mortgage Corporation [Sumter The Villages Florida]

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FBC Mortgage, LLC OrangeOrlandoFlorida 13734 Lender Profile
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Reviewed May 26, 2017 | Rating:
I, as well as my realtor, were repeatedly told everything was fine and we would be ready to close on time. With 2 business hours to our closing time, I received a call while driving cross country, through the mountains with a 3 year and was told that more information was necessary. At that time, all my belongings, including the documents Pam was requesting, were buried deep in a trailer ready to be moved into our new home. Our loan closed 25 hours late. We were forced to stay overnight at a friend's home, and to board our dogs in a kennel. This cost us over $100. Additionally, we were unable to return our trailer on time due to the delayed closing. This cost us $70. We were forced to incur extra expenses and stress unnecessarily. This is because Pam waited until the last minute to handle our paperwork and get it to the underwriter for review. I can't understand how any company can find this acceptable. I would NEVER recommend this company to a friend.