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Alex Rodrgiiez


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Current Employer:  Loan Officer Rocket mortgage [ Chesapeake Virginia]

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bait and switch by
Reviewed December 25, 2021 | Rating:
Was told by loan broker officer that if rate declined he would lower my rate .after rates went down substantially I asked would my mortgage reflect that .He said no I said you promised me different am sick with terminal cancer the day i called was not a good day so I let it go.Then rates dropped again I called back and was told by the broker to call there consumer affairs person I did she said call him back.So I realized I getting bamboozled so I told them to forget the whole thing . 5 minutes after that the phone rang and I was offered a lower rate or 1500.00 I told him to forget it i have over 800 credit rating and own 2 properties outright and do not need their services .What a joke this company is am working with an honest no nonsense company my credit union and feel sorry for anyone take by these scam artists .Obviously they are used to praying on those with lower credit ratings that will take anything .What a joke .