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Scott Stinson

NMLS# 319684  

Average Rating: 5  [273 Review(s)]
State(s) Served: FL
Current Employer:  Loan Officer FBC Mortgage, LLC [Orange Orlando Florida]
Phone: 407-377-0305

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Great lending office by
Reviewed February 26, 2020 | Rating:
I really enjoyed the service from FBC Mortgage. Very professional, kind, polite, knowledgable, timely with paper work, patience.
Fax, fax, fax by
Reviewed February 19, 2020 | Rating:
Paperwork is a nightmare when getting any new mortgage loan, but it was also costly in this instance. I spent $100 faxing all the required documents. They discourage email and gave no office location to drop paperwork off. I submitted everything timely, but it seemed no matter what all I sent they needed a "last thing." I was given a closing date and they were still asking for things after that. We were told everything is good, would start to get excited, then get called again with something else. We weren't sure we were going to get our house until literally the day of closing. We couldn't get excited for our house at all. In the end I was ready to walk away and rent.
Thank You by
Reviewed February 19, 2020 | Rating:
Thank you for everything. Very easy process!
Awesome company by
Reviewed February 19, 2020 | Rating:
I really liked work with FBC mortgage, they answered all the questions I had worked with me to get me approved and seen that the whole home buying process was a breeze.
Great team by
Reviewed February 13, 2020 | Rating:
Scott, Ashley, Kegan and Donna were all efficient. Whenever I had a question they would immediately respond whether it was by phone or email. The process was painless and easy.
Hard work by
Reviewed February 06, 2020 | Rating:
Very stressful process because our loan was “outside of the box”. But in the end, Scott made it work and put me at ease on more than one occasion. I would recommend him!
What a great experience!!! by
Reviewed January 29, 2020 | Rating:
This was my first home purchase and it was a great experience. I have heard horror stories but not with FBC. Everyone I spoke to from the very first call, to the day before closing to say congratulations everyone made me feel respected, cared for, and secure in the knowledge that they were with me every step of the way. Great job everyone on the Stinson team (Ashley, Kegan, Scot), Syonara, and Donna, and the underwriting team. Job well done.
Great Team by
Reviewed January 24, 2020 | Rating:
Scott and his team were excellent. He abe Kegan answered all of my questions and provided step by step guidance of the process throughout. Would highly recommend their team and FBC Mortgage!
Amazing service! by
Reviewed January 23, 2020 | Rating:
We had a really tight deadline to close at the end of the year. FBC mortgages was able to push us along even with the holidays to close in our timeframe! No hiccups, just attentive professional service. From the get go we knew we were in good hands.
Awesome by
Reviewed January 03, 2020 | Rating:
You guys are great continue with the good work you do and thanks again to you guys for giving me the chance towards owning my first home.
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