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Jennifer Pitcher

NMLS# 215392  

Average Rating: 5  [282 Review(s)]
State(s) Served: FL
Current Employer:  Loan Officer FBC Mortgage, LLC [Orange Orlando Florida]
Phone: 407-872-3383

This loan officer does not have any previous Employers
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Mrs. Pamela Bailey by
Reviewed July 02, 2020 | Rating:
The loan process went very smoothly.
Moceri Loan by
Reviewed July 01, 2020 | Rating:
Jeni is outstanding.
New Home Purchase by
Reviewed July 01, 2020 | Rating:
I was impressed how quickly the loan process went.
Service and Support by
Reviewed June 25, 2020 | Rating:
Jeni has always been extremely supportive and friendly providing excellent service along with her wonderful team @ FBC.
Bvh by
Reviewed June 24, 2020 | Rating:
Stressful but worth it to have my new home by
Reviewed June 24, 2020 | Rating:
It wasn’t until it was time to close that things became stressful from my prospective. I don’t feel buyers should be told they can close until everything on the end of the loan processor, loan officer, and title companies are 100% ready to close. I wasn’t notified until an hour before closing that I actually won’t be closing. It was very frustrating but at the same time I choose to see it as there are many hands involved and mistakes can be made. I definitely feel my loan processor and team did what needed to be done to get me closed. Didn’t happen like I thought it would but it did happen.
Closing by
Reviewed June 24, 2020 | Rating:
The process by nature is a lot of back and forth, for the most part communication was great...the day before my closing there was an issue with the cash to close amount that I wasn't prepared for, it didn't get resolved until 9:30pm the night before closing. Jeni took care of it and I am thankful for her. Closing went smoothly.
The best experience by
Reviewed June 19, 2020 | Rating:
fast process, very professional. this is the way to go. Thanks Jennifer for everything. i will recommend you 100%
Quick and professional by
Reviewed June 18, 2020 | Rating:
Jeni and her team were very prompt and thorough, both with their requests for the info they needed to get my loan, and where I was at in the process.
Stress Free Financing! by
Reviewed June 17, 2020 | Rating:
It was great to have the opportunity to work with Jeni Pitcher once again. She knows more than any other mortgage broker I have ever used in the past. Timelines were shortened and the entire process was stress free. As well met an excellent appraiser and loan closer!
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